Contributor guide - penrose/penrose Wiki

If you're new here and interested in contributing to Penrose:

Building and Running

Refer to the building and running page to learn how to build and run the system.

Creating your fork of penrose

To fork the penrose repository on GitHub, click the "Fork" button on the top-right of the repo homepage.

Then, clone your forked repo locally

git clone<your-github-account-name>/penrose.git

If you need to merge new changes from upstream (i.e. the original penrose repo) with your fork:

cd penrose
git checkout main
git pull main

After running the above, manage any merge conflicts, commit them, and then push them to your fork.

Finding an issue to work on

Check out our list of good first issues

Opening a pull request (PR)

When your work is ready for review:

If you hit any snags in the process, run into bugs, or just have questions, please file an issue!