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𓎘 𓎗 𒍣𒄫 zi-kir decree

𓎘 𓅱 𓏛 𓌃 𓂧 𓅱||command|
𓎘 𓅱 𓏛 𓌃 𓂧 𓅱||command, control, govern|
𓎘 𓏏 𓅱 𓏜||command, decree|
𓎘 𓏏 𓍼 𓏤||command, decree|
𓎘 𓏏 𓏛||command, decree|

𓎗||writ +wT ++|word
𓎗||command, control, govern|wD / word / watch / writ
𓎗 𓅱 𓏏 𓏛||command, decree|
𓎗 𓅱 𓏛||give orders ? D|
𓎗 𓅱 𓏜||command, make a command, enjoin (an instruction), decree (someone to)|
𓎗 𓅱 𓏜||command, (written) decree, despatch, precept|"written" ++
𓎗 𓎛 𓅱 𓊲||offering table|swap -+-
𓎗 𓏏 𓌃 𓂧 𓏲 𓏜||command|
𓎗 𓏏 𓌃 𓏜||command|

𓎛 𓈖 𓏏 𓅱 𓇋 𓇋||(foreign) commander|
𓎛 𓈖 𓏏 𓍔 𓇋 𓇋 𓂡||(foreign) commander, equerry (of foreign prince)|Khanti
𓎛 𓆰 𓈖 𓏌 𓅱 𓂡 𓀀 𓏪||(military) Commanders|[email protected] = archer ⇔ commander
𓎛 𓆰 𓈖 𓏜||charge (someone with task), commend (someone), occupy (oneself)|
𓎛 𓆰 𓈖 𓏜||provide, equip, command, govern, control (oneself)|harness?

𓋴 𓎛 𓌼 𓈖||© command|

𒅅𒁍𒉌 ig-bu(ni) ≈ 𒀝𒁀𒀀 ag-ba-a gebat "commanded" <> mighty? 𒀝𒁀𒀀 ag-ba-a Gebot "command" 𒋡𒁍 qa-pu "Gebot" quopt 𒋡𒁍 command, speak, to say 2. to fall down, collapse