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𓐀 Numbers

7 sevhen 𓋴𓆑𓎛𓅱 sephthen: sebt 𓁶 cept=stool=𓋴𓃀𓏏 greek:sebta? 七 qība [email protected]
7 ßevHen 𓊃𓆑𓐍𓅱𓏮𓏮𓏥 seven "sankt 7"? [email protected] ⇔ 𓋴𓆑𓐍sevHe:Kurzform
7 sphere:7stars? 𓋴𓃀𓄿𓇼𓇳 7? [email protected] 𓋴𓃀𓃀 sebb=serve/school sevene ⇔ spine?
7 Toth s'Ibis 𓅞 Thoth=Thepth? 𓇼𓏮 5+2 = 6+1=si+en=7 1/7=𓊏S'Pn sieben,span
7 seitsemän साथ𓊃 Zusammen ⇔ semaine sambe
7 sep 𓊏 𓊪 𓇹 šzep ϣⲟⲡ šop (1/7ᵗʰ) 𓊏 one seventh

𜑯 hi 𜑫 he Helio halo < Solar 𜑭 ☼
𜑯 hi 𜑫 he heptá ἑπτά < Sept 7

Bad-Linguistics :
PIE •septḿ̥ and
PS •s¹abˁ 𒌈
“there is no way those two are related unless we completely revise the sequence of sound changes in both families”

𓊃 𓊪 𓊗 ⇔ compute > count
𓊃 𓊪 𓊗 simpel < temp πτωμα ptoma (time) symptom sambet 7 septime 10?

Seven is famous for being the magic number of Mesopotamia

(7 Bridges, towers, walls, gates, gods, days of week, sisters, …)

seven gods

The seven gods where: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn

Seven angels

Yazidi people of Upper Mesopotamia, an area at the border of Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Their faith focuses on seven of God’s angels, the first among those being Melek Taus.

Seven tails

𒍦𒁀𒌅 zib-baⁿ-ˢtu Schwanz
𒍦𒁀𒌅 tail 𓋴 𓂧 𓄢 Sterz

𒅆𒁍 ši-bu
𒅆𒁍 elder, old (person), witness