Settings - overturetool/vdm-vscode Wiki

Combinatorial Testing

  • vdm-vscode.combinatorialTesting.groupSize: Determine the maximum group size for test groups in the Combinatorial Testing View.


  • vdm-vscode.coverage.OverlayLatestCoverage: If enabled then the latest generated coverage report is utilised for overlaying. Otherwise the user is prompted for which coverage report should be used for overlaying.
  • vdm-vscode.coverage.UseHeatmapColouring: If enabled then the number of hits (larger than zero) for a given code section corresponds to a brighter green. Otherwise all sections with any number of hits (larger than zero) are colored the same green.

Real-time Log Viewer

  • vdm-vscode.real-timeLogViewer.scaleWithEditorFont: If enabled the elements of the log viewer will scale relative to the current font size of the editor. Otherwise a fixed font size of 15 will be used for the relative scaling.
  • vdm-vscode.real-timeLogViewer.matchTheme: If enabled colours of the log viewer will be from the current theme of the editor. Otherwise predefined colours will be used.
  • vdm-vscode.real-timeLogViewer.fontSize: Font size to use for the relative scaling of elements in the diagram. Only used if Scale With Font is disabled.


  • vdm-vscode.encoding.showWarning: If enabled, shows a warning if document encoding is not UTF-8.

Java Code Generation

  • vdm-vscode.javaCodeGen.concurrencyMechanisms: Generate concurrency mechanisms.
  • vdm-vscode.javaCodeGen.disableCloning: Disable cloning (may lead to code being generated that does not preserve the semantics of the input specification).
  • vdm-vscode.javaCodeGen.outputPackage: Choose output package e.g : my.code.
  • vdm-vscode.javaCodeGen.sequencesAsStrings: Generate character sequences as strings.
  • vdm-vscode.javaCodeGen.skipClassesModules: Skip classes/modules during the code generation process. Separate by ';' e.g : World;Env.
  • vdm-vscode.javaCodeGen.vdmLocationInformation: Generate VDM location information for code generated constructs.


  • vdm-vscode.server.classPathAdditions: Array of folders and/or jar file paths that should be used with the language server.
  • vdm-vscode.server.highPrecision: Use high precision server that use more memory for variables ("on" or "off").
  • vdm-vscode.server.JVMArguments: Arguments for the JVM that is executing the server (e.g. -Xmx2g).
  • vdm-vscode.server.logLevel: Log server actions at different levels.
  • vdm-vscode.server.strict: Activate the VDMJ -strict flag that highlights (with warnings) where a specification is taking advantage of lenient parsing rule.
  • vdm-vscode.server.verbose: Activate the VDMJ -verbose flag that sends detailed information to the VDMJ console.


  • vdm-vscode.server.development.experimentalServer: Use an experimental/external server. If enabled the client will not launch a server but instead connect to one that is running in another process. E.g. executing the VDMJ server in a debugger.
  • vdm-vscode.server.development.lspPort: Port used for the LSP/SLSP connection when experimentalServer is enabled.


  • vdm-vscode.server.libraries.includeDefaultLibraries: Include the default libraries that are packaged with the extension.
  • vdm-vscode.server.libraries.VDM-Libraries: A list containing library jar paths. Adding a folder path will load all library jars in the folder. If using a relative path it is expected to be defined at the 'folder' settings level as the path is expected to be relative to the corresponding project.

Standard I/O

  • vdm-vscode.server.stdio.activateStdoutLogging: Activate logging of stdout/stderr to terminal window.
  • vdm-vscode.server.stdio.stdioLogPath: File path for directory that should be used to store stdout/stderr logs. If empty, terminal logging is used instead of file logging.


  • vdm-vscode.trace.server: Enables tracing of communication between VS Code and the VDMJ language server. The trace may contain file paths, source code, and other potentially sensitive information from your project.


  • vdm-vscode.translate.general.allowSingleFileTranslation: If enabled, translates only the selected file. If disabled, translate is always applied to the whole project.
  • vdm-vscode.translate.general.storeAllTranslations: If enabled stores each translation in a timestamped folder instead of overwriting the previouse content.

Translate to LaTeX

  • vdm-vscode.translate.latex.insertCoverageTables: Insert coverage tables in the Latex translation.
  • vdm-vscode.translate.latex.markCoverage: Mark coverage in the Latex translation.
  • vdm-vscode.translate.latex.modelOnly: Only model part will be included in the Latex translation, i.e., everything enclosed within \begin{vdm_al} and \end{vdm_al}.