Realtime Log Viewer - overturetool/vdm-vscode Wiki

Opening The Log Viewer

The real-time log viewer can be opened in the context of a VDM-RT project. More specifically by opening the log file containing events from executing a given launch configuration for the VDM-RT project. Such a log file can be generated by setting the property enableLogging to true in the launch configuration which will place the log in the folder .generated\rtlogs. There might be two types of logs present in the folder, namely: .rtlog and an accompanying file with the extension format .rtlog.violations. If the file with the format .rtlog is opened a prompt will appear asking if the file should be opened in the log viewer.

Utilising The Log Viewer

The log viewer functionality and design closely matches the log viewer tool found in Overture. A GIF accompanied by a description of the usage can be found here.


By default the colours of the viewer follows the theme of the editor and the size of elements in the diagrams follows the current font size. This behaviour can be changed by the relevant settings as detailed below:

Setting Description Default Value
Match Theme Enabled: Colours in the log viewer will match the current theme. Disabled: Predefined colours will be used Enabled (true)
Scale With Font Enabled: The size of the elements displayed in diagrams in the log viewer will scale relative to current font size of the editor. Disabled: A fixed font size of 15 will be used for the relative scaling Enabled (true)

The settings available for the log viewer can be found at Settings > Extensions > VDM VSCode > Other