05. Operation - outdoorbits/little-backup-box Wiki


General considerations

Regardless of the source from which a backup is performed, the following statements apply:

USB devices

When backing up from or to a USB storage device, please note the following:

Camera as source

Lots of cameras and smartphones are compatible to gphoto2 and hence they can be backuped convenient by Little Backup Box. This can save the need of a card reader.
On most smartphones, the PTP mode must be activated first. It's easy and the search engines help quickly here.
For optimal configuration of Little Backup Box please check the wiki: Directories to be backuped from smartphones and cameras.

On backup from camera, Little Backup Box can not compare source and target before the backup. If there is a number of files on the camera, it will download all of them. If some or all of them have already been at the target before, this won't change the file count at the target. So the progress information will not be correct.
Example: There are 78 images on your camera, but 71 of them have been backuped before. Progress information will start at "0 of 78". Because only seven files are new, progress will not start until the first 71 files are re-downloaded. After that files 72 to 78 are downloaded and the backup finishes at "7 of 78".

rsync-server as target

To use an own rsync-server as target, you need rsync version 3.2.3 or better on your server. For server-setup have a look at readme_rsync.md

cloud-services as target

Numerous cloud storage services can be used via rclone. All configured cloud storages are offered as possible backup destinations on the "Main" page.
To configure cloud storage, go to "Settings" and there to "Configure Cloud-services" and follow the link. The rclone-gui will open in a new window.
The username for the gui is "lbb". If a global password has been set, it is also valid here.
If an error message appears (Something else but "Status: rClone Backend is connected and working as expected"): Please log out of the gui and log in again.
New services can be configured under "Configs". This can be done easily with webdav, for example.
However, many of these services use oauth and cannot be configured via the gui. In this case you have to

Generally excluded files from backup

There are two groups of files excluded from backup: