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All PRs are tested before they can be merged. Sometimes it is necessary to 're-trigger' CI testing on a PR due to, for example, a network issue. To re-trigger a specific CI test or group of CI tests add a comment to your PR with one of the following strings (prefixed with bot:). The CI bots watch the comments and look for these strings to trigger testing. Some testing might be delayed due to the load on the CI servers.

IBM CI Triggers

IBM CI Compile Triggers

IBM CI Cross Version Triggers

The cross-version tests are run using a docker container. The source for that container is maintained here and the container is hosted on Docker Hub. Instructions are provided to help you reproduce any errors.

IBM CI Scale Testing Triggers

Adjustment triggers for scale testing. Notice that they end with :test and not :retest. If you want to specify one of the below it must be in addition to the bot:ibm:prrte:retest trigger. For example: