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Frequently asked questions

What is Antistasi?

Antistasi is a mission for the game ArmA 3 from Bohemia Interactive. As it is only a mission it can be played without any additional mod and can be launched directly from the ArmA 3 Scenario launcher. The main goal of the mission is to lead a guerilla force successfully against one or two stronger enemy forces in a large dynamic world.

How can I get Antistasi?

You can get Antistasi here on the Github release page or from the Steam Workshop, while the recommend one changes depending on what you want. If you want to play it personally on your computer, get it from Steam, if you need the data to upload it to a server or want to mod it, get it from the release page.

How much does Antistasi cost?

NOTHING. Antistasi is completely free for everyone. You don't need to pay for this mission nor it's subcomponents. ArmA 3 however is required and a charged software for which you have to pay. This has nothing to do with Antistasi or the Antistasi Community itself.

Do I need DLCs?

No, Antistasi does not need any DLCs of ArmA 3 to work. But as some maps are content of DLCs, these maps are not playable until you purchase the requiered DLC. Vanilla maps and modded maps will work without any DLC. Not owning DLCs will not restrict you from participating specific parts of Antistasi.

Are there official server to play on?

Yes, we provide two official server to play on for anyone. These are moderated and serviced by our team of admins and should be available anytime. You can find the server information on our discord or by searching the server browser for "Antistasi Community Server".

The mission mentions something about membership, what does this mean?

Antistasi features a member system to avoid trolling on official or private servers. A member is granted rights, a non-member or guest is not having, including access to limited weapons, access to the commander slot and much more. If you want to play without the membership feature, you can deactivate it in the mission parameters.

Do I have to pay to become a member?

NO. The server admin can grant anyone member status and you can disable the feature on your server if you trust all players on the server. Membership on the official server will be granted to you, if you are a regular visitor to the official server and behave like we expect members to behave. If you are recommended by another member, the admins will decide whether you become a member or not. If you enter a server on which you have to pay to become a member, do not do it! It is against ArmA 3 TOS and there is a high chance that server will be forced to shut down in the future.

Does membership on the official server grants me any other benefits?

Yes, once you are a member, you get a vote in the weekly meetings and therefor can decide which path the Antistasi community will take. Also you get access to beta test of newer version and member only events.

I am no member, but I would still like to help the development.

We are always happy about help, pick an issue from the page and solve it. Contact the dev team on discord or leave a message for us here, if you want to talk to us. If you contribute to the code we may also reach out to you and offer you a position in the official dev team. However, if you offer a feature that is not an issue and not discussed with us, we reserve the right to reject any PR or code, that does not fit our vision of Antistasi.

Are there any debug/console commands?

Yes, you can find them here!