What the FAQ? - ntpeters/UnityDrive GitHub Wiki

Welcome to the obligatory FAQ page that everyone must obviously have! Enjoy.

Who? What? Where? Why?

UnityDrive is a project we started at the MHacks Hackathon at the University of Michigan in September 2013. Our team is a group of four Computer Science students (otherwise known as nerds) from Michigan Technological University that just wanted to build something cool and useful, and have a fun doing it! We began work on this project because it aims to solve a problem that all members on our team have: disparate and fragmented cloud storage services. We longed for an easier way to manage our files in the cloud, and figured other people might desire the same. Thus, UnityDrive was born!

So, can I haz?

UnityDrive isn't quite ready for the big leagues just yet. Currently we have working functionality built into the backend for: Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. There is a basic command line interface that will let you add accounts, view/search your files, and upload/download your files. We also have the humble beginnings to our GUI, but alas nothing on the backend is connected to it just yet.

That's seriously all you're doing?

Man, I hope not! Check out what we have on the old todo list:


Once we have a functioning desktop app, we are planning to use the Heroku API to let users spin up an individual instance of a web app for them. This would let each user access the functionality of UnityDrive anywhere, without needing to have the desktop app installed. Another bonus to spinning up a Heroku instance for each user is that their privacy is kept safe. That instance is yours, running on your own Heroku account (Don't worry, we'll make it super easy to get up and running. I promise.), so none of your data ever touches our hands.

All the services!

Are you wondering why just Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box? Yeah, we would be too. That's why we're making it as easy as possible to add support for other sites as well. If you have a site that you want support added for, just Tweet the name of that service with the hashtag: #UnifyYourDestiny

Files Err'ywhere!

What point is combining all of your cloud storage if you can't keep it synced? We're going to add sync functionality to the desktop app at some point. Just hang tight.


For those of you who are a little obsessive compulsive with your files, we are going to be adding the option to have your files duplicated across multiple online services. So, you know, just incase you delete your file off your computer and all of Dropbox's servers just happen to blow up at the same time, you can still go grab it from Google Drive.

Pretteh thingz

Yeah, our app might not have a native UI for each OS, but these are the sacrifices you make for quick and easy cross-platform support. Eventually we do want to include OS integration for all major operating systems like many services already provide, but this will be a little ways down the road.

Your app sucks

No, you suck. Go jump off of something tall.