Movie Application Guideline - nsylmz/Audatex GitHub Wiki

Required Tools

WorkSpace Configuration

This part explains the Eclipse configuration and it is based on Spring Tool Suite(STS).

Maven Configuration

  • Click "Window" --> "Preference".
  • Choose the "Maven" --> "Installations" from opened popup.
  • Then, click the "Add" button and browse your maven base path. (Ex: C:\springsource\apache-maven-3.1.1)
  • You can also configure your repository path from setting.xml (Optional) (Ex settings.xml path: C:\springsource\apache-maven-3.1.1\conf\settings.xml). In order to that, uncommnent the lines and set your own path (Ex : C:\springsource\repository). Default path is C:${user}.m2\Repository.

Tomcat Configuration

  • Click "Window" --> "Preference".
  • Choose the "Server" --> "Runtime Enviroment" from opened popup.
  • Then, click the "Add" button and choose apache tomcat 7.
  • Browse your tomcat path. Click "Ok" button and close the preference popup. (Ex: _C:\springsource\tomcat)
  • Choose "Server" tab which is at bottom of STS, and right click on anywhere at server div.
  • Select "New" --> "Server" from openend dropdown menu.
  • Add an tomcat 7 instnace from new server popup.

Audatex Repository Configuration (GitHub Configuration)

  • Click "Window" --> "Show View" --> "Other".
  • Choose the "Git Repositories" and close "Show View" popup.
  • Open "Git Repositories" tab which is at bottom of STS.
  • Click "Clone a Git Repository And The Clone To This View" icon which is at top-right of "Git Repositories" tab.
  • Select "Clone URI" option in "Clone Git Repository" popup.
  • Enter the uri ""
  • Enter the host "".
  • Enter the repository path "/nsylmz/Audatex.git".
  • Enter your github account informations.
  • Finish your repository configuraiton.

Import Movie Project to Your WorkSpace

  • Select "Project Explorer" tab which is at left bar in STS and right click on anywhere at the tab.
  • Choose "Import" --> "Import".
  • Select "Projects From Git" in "Import" popup.
  • Choose "Existing Local Repository" in "Import Project From Git" popup.
  • Select "Audatex" in "Import Project From Git" popup.
  • Choose "Import Existing Projects" --> "Working Directory" in "Import Project From Git" popup.
  • Select "Movie" project in "Import Project From Git" popup.

Database Configuration

  • Create a new MySQL schema with name "movie".
  • Open STS and change the file in path "src/main/resources/".
  • Set your database configuration (db.url, db.user and db.password).

Run Project

  • Open STS and Select "Server" bar.
  • Right click to "Tomcat v7.0 Server at Localhost".
  • Select the "Add And Remove" option.
  • Swap the avaliable "Movie" application to configured side and click finish.
  • Run the server.
  • Check the applicaion at url "http://localhost:8080/movie/movies".