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Planning Page:

  • What's needed? (Wireframe and PO instructions)
  • Where will the modules display on page?
  • Who wants to cover what part?

Styling Requirements

* Module Display Requirements

First Steps:

  • Night mode in css
  • Database input
  • Interpolation on WillYouBeMine.js
    • Build out sections with class and ids for flexbox styling
  • HTML render on main.js

Second Steps:

  • build get and set in database
  • place known needed @imports on modules
  • Build interpolation and export from modules to WYBM.js
    • Drop down menus/buttons
  • Debug and check display of html

Third Steps

  • Selected Minerals Box needs built
  • Facility Buttons need built to include minerals available at each
  • Functionality of each module
    • Drop down needs to reflect "null" or "select" before it is clicked
    • active/inactive state of buttons and dropdowns
    • available/unavailable state of minerals
    • active/inactive state of governors

Fourth Steps

  • css styling
  • flexbox placement