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Presentation Requirement

  • You will also be responsible for preparing a 10 minute presentation. •This will be a formal presentation. •One in which you explain in detail: oYour overall application’s concept oThe motivation for its development Do you ever get frustrated when your hungry but dont know what to eat? You want to eat something good but have no idea. Or have you tried meal planning but have the same ideas for meals? We have the solution for you. INSERT_NAME_HERE is a one stop solution for your weekly meal plan. You can decide what you to eat, when you want to eat it and how much time you are willing to spend making healthy foods How does this app compare with others? oYour design process oThe technologies you used (and briefly how they work) oA demonstration of its functionality User creates a profile, then create a meal plan Show how an admin can monitor its users oDirections for future development •Treat the presentation seriously! •Talking intelligently about tech > doing tech sometimes.