Configuration Settings - nrabinowitz/awld-js GitHub Wiki

Configurations settings can be set in three ways:

  • awld[setting] = value;

  • awld.extend(settingsObject);

  • awld.init(settingsObject);

Most configuration settings must be set before calling awld.init() to have any effect.


  • baseUrl: Base URL for dependencies; library and module dependencies will be loaded relative to this URL. See for more information.

  • modulePath: Path for modules, relative to baseUrl (default: 'modules/')

  • libPath: Path for libraries, relative to baseUrl (default: 'lib/')

  • paths: Special path definitions for various dependencies. See for more information. (default: {}, but jQuery and mustache paths are set as well)

  • autoLoad: Whether to auto-load data for all identified URIs (default: true)

  • popupClose: How the popup window should be closed. Options are either a number (milliseconds to wait before closing) or the string 'manual' (default: 1500)

  • scope: Selector or element to limit the scope of automatic resource identification (default: '.awld-scope' if found, otherwise document)