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##Course The first tab contains overview information.

Coursetype title: Select title.

Course start date: Start date of the course.

Course end date: If end date is not the same as start date, add end date as well.

Course comment: Comment about the course.

##People All NPI employees participating must be registered, as we will summarize . We annual statistics for NPI research days in field. If dates for NPI employees are omitted, expedition start and end dates will be used. It is not necessary to register participating collaborating partners. However, for cruises with Lance, data will be forwarded externally so it can be polite to include principal investigators by name.

First name/Last name: Register the name of the person. You should get a list of in-house persons.

Email: The person's email.

Roles: Choose course instructor and participants.

Phone: The person's phone number.

Organisation: List the person's organisation.

##Edits Created, created by, updated, updated by: These fields are updated automatically and only included to show who added the entry in case you need to contact them if something is wrong f.ex.