Analyze Data Channel traffic with Wireshark - nplab/WebRTC-Data-Channel-Playground GitHub Wiki


1. Prerequisite

Get Wireshark with text2pcap (normally included).

2.a - Log with Mozilla Firefox

You have to set environment variables.

NSPR_LOG_MODULES to SCTP:5,DataChannel:5 NSPR_LOG_FILE to /Users/username/logfile << change path

A tutorial for setting variables on different platforms is here.

2.b - Log with Chrome (darkest nightly with patch)

Start Chrome with additional parameters: --enable-logging --v=4 Chrome will log file. For example chrome_debug.log

3. Extract SCTP information from logfile

grep SCTP_PACKET logfile > sctp.log

4. text2pcap

text2pcap -n -l 248 -D -t '%H:%M:%S.' sctp.log sctp.pcapng

5. Wireshark

Open sctp.pcapng in Wireshark.