Releasing - noverkill/classified-ads-script GitHub Wiki

  • Delete current classified-ads-script forlder from local machine (if needed)
    find classified-ads-script/. -print | xargs chmod 777
    rm -r classified-ads-script

  • Checkout the project
    git clone [email protected]:noverkill/classified-ads-script
    cd classified-ads-script

  • Create a branch for the new release
    git branch release-[version-number] e.g. git branch release-1.0.1
    git checkout release-[version-number]
    git push origin release-[version-number]

  • Modify the README file for the release
    modify README file with release information
    git commit -a -m "Released [version-number]. README file modified with release information"
    git push

  • Create a tag for the release
    git tag -a v[version number] -m 'version [version number]'
    git push --tags

  • Merge back the new release branch to the master
    git checkout master
    git merge release-[version number]
    git push

  • Update the README file after the release
    modify README file with after release information
    git commit -a -m "README file is up to date after release."
    git push

  • Create a downloadable package of the new release
    download the new release from the tags page
    open the zip and remove the root folder from the zip
    rename the removed root folder to classified-ads-script-v[version number]
    zip the renamed folder
    upload the zip to the git download page

  • Thats all folks :)