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Arid-Grazer API

Welcome to the arid-grazer wiki.
This API is a personal project used for several internal uses, including chat-messaging and creature-commands on a game server I maintain. However, it may be of use as-is, or with modification, to anyone for any reason.
In a nutshell, Arid-Grazer enables clients to 'register', and obtain a uniq (a unique username on the system), and using this to send payloads to other uniq's. The plan over time is to expand it to be able to send out fan-out messages, group-messages etc to be used as a remote control(proxy?) for other services. Right now, I have only tested it with creature control on a game server, and will have a demo for this once I am happy with stability.


  • Clone
  • Enable Git Flow
  • Branch off develop
  • Push a PR to develop for maintainers eyes

The .env

See this page for details.