Sample Configuration - nosoop/SM-DownloadPrefs GitHub Wiki

tl;dr Redirect a virtual directory structure containing a SteamID3 (account ID) and a file path to a PHP script, which then sends back a 307 Redirect or a 403 Forbidden to allow / prevent a client from downloading a file.

For this example, we'll assume the following:

  • sm_dprefs_downloadurl is set to http://server.fastdl/dprefs/tf/$STEAMID.
  • The game's base directory is /path/to/game.
  • The PHP script would be reachable via http://server.fastdl/dprefs.php on redirect.
  • The actual fastdownload files are located at http://server.fastdl/tf (subdirectories being sound, maps, &c.).
  • An SQLite database holds the download preferences.

In SourceMod's databases.cfg

  • Add a new database as follows:
	"driver"		"sqlite"
	"database"		"downloadprefs"

In dprefs.conf.php:

  • Set $downloadDir to http://server.fastdl/tf.
  • Ensure the following lines are in the file so that the download filter is using SQLite:
$dbFile = dirname(__FILE__) . '/downloadprefs.sq3';
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/dprefs_sq3.php');
$prefsFilter = new SQLiteDownloadFilter($dbFile);

If using lighttpd:

  • Add this to lighttpd.conf: url.rewrite-once += ( "^/dprefs/tf/(\d+)/(.*)" => "/dprefs.php?steamid=$1&file=$2" )
  • Force reload the server configuration.

If using nginx:

  • Add something along the lines of the following.
  • nginx has a lot more variation in how PHP can be handled, so I'll only cover the rewrite aspect of it here.
location /dprefs/tf {
    rewrite ^/dprefs/tf/(\d+)/(.*)$ /dprefs.php?steamid=$1&file=$2;
    # User-dependent PHP handling here...