How to contribute - norybiak/AltspaceSDK-wiki GitHub Wiki

How to contribute to this wiki

The SDK team here at AltspaceVR is always going to be small compared to the developer community, so we welcome anyone's efforts to build on the documentation, and make it more informative, clearer, and generally better. If you want to write a page here, or fix an inaccuracy, just follow the steps below!

  1. Fork the wiki source

Like our SDK, this wiki's source code is hosted here on GitHub. Go to AltspaceVR/AltspaceSDK-wiki and click the Fork button. You need to be signed in for this button to be visible, so create an account with GitHub and log in first.

This will create your own copy of the wiki, which you can edit at will as described in the next step.

  1. Make your changes

If you only want to edit a single file, you can do it right from the GitHub interface. Just follow the steps in GitHub's guide to editing files in another user's repository. If you're looking to make more complicated edits spanning multiple files and multiple commits, you'll need to follow the full GitHub flow, which involves downloading the source to your computer, making your changes, uploading them, then filing the pull request.

  1. Submit your changes for review

Once you're done making your changes, you'll need to file a pull request. This gives us a chance to review your changes. We may ask for additional changes before we merge your modification, so be prepared to tweak your wording. Once we're happy with it, we will merge your pull request, and your new page or edit will be live on the wiki within moments.

And that's it!

If you have any trouble with this process, feel free to ask for help on the AltspaceVR SDK Slack channel. Odds are good someone will be online to help you get set up.