Workflow & Administrative Requirements - northwest-knowledge-network/mdedit GitHub Wiki

Required User Actions: in Metadata Editor:

  1. Select alternative to ISO or Select that product that will be described is tool/model/code/viz pdt
  2. Save Draft (done)
  3. Submit XML to NKN Portal for Publication
  4. Receive Notification that record is Published
  5. Receive Notification that record has been send back for changes before publication
  6. See status of each metadata record in user login (Draft, Complete, Submitted, Action Needed, Published, DOI Requested, DOI Issued)
  7. Ability to edit published record (should place it back in Action Needed status, then needs prompt for re-submit)
  8. Request DOI be issued for data

Required Admin Actions: in NKN Portal Admin interface:

  1. Review status of submitted metadata records
  2. Ability to edit metadata record
  3. Change status of record from Posted to Approved or Action Needed
  4. Send notification to user for change in status of metadata record
  5. See and review DOI Requests (need ability to link DOI to metadata record or vice versa)

Another idea

  1. Moderated workflow, where we have a 'moderator' for certain records, like for NKN-supported projects

Other Portal Functions in Portal or other modular piece of system:

  1. Upload dataset(s) for storage with NKN
  2.  (will need prompts between mdedit and upload app)
  3. Need way to link uuid for dataset with uuid for metadata record