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Welcome to the mdedit wiki!

Guiding Principles:

  1. Parsimony and simplicity. Minimum number of fields.
  2. Serve our known user audience first. In the future we can add features as needed.
  3. Easily understandable by scientists who don't work with metadata formats regularly.

Decisions and Reasons:

  1. For Citation Contact: Here we want to capture the primary people responsible for creation of the data. The people who collected the data, processed it, worked it up through analyses to the form that is presented and described here. For example, this would capture the post-doc who processed and analyzed the data and the PI who's grant paid for the work to be done in his/her lab. However, there are 3 codes in the ISO 19115 code list that could apply, defined as = Originator: party who created the resource; Principal investigator: key party responsible for gathering information and conducting research; Author: party who authored the resource. Any one of these might be appropriate and we anticipate there would be many overlaps between who would fit into these categories. With no preference from ISO or further specifications, we have selected Originator, as the definition is more broad and more of an umbrella term than the other two.
  2. Hierarchy Level codes included: Because one of our guiding principles for this metadata editor is to be streamline and serve our current user audiences (Idaho EPSCoR MILES project researchers; Climate scientists), we elected to include only Data and Series as options for the hierarchy level.