Commit Message Convention - noordean/PostIt GitHub Wiki

A commit message consists of a header, a body and a footer, separated by a blank line.

Any line of the commit message cannot be longer than 100 characters! This allows the message to be easier to read on github as well as in various git tools.

<type>(<scope>): <subject>

These rules are adopted from the AngularJS commit convention.

Message Header

Message Header

The message header is a single line that contains a succinct description of the change containing a type, an optional scope, and a subject.

  • This describes the kind of change that this commit is providing.
  • feat (feature)
  • fix (bug fix)
  • docs (documentation)
  • style (formatting, missing semi colons, …)
  • refactor
  • test (when adding missing tests)
  • chore (maintain)

Scope can be anything specifying the place of the commit change. For example events, kafka, userModel, authorization, authentication, loginPage, etc...


This is a very short description of the change.

  • use imperative, present tense: “change” not “changed” nor “changes”
  • don't capitalize the first letter
  • no dot (.) at the end
Message Body

  • just as in subject use imperative, present tense: “change” not “changed” nor “changes”
  • includes motivation for the change and contrasts with previous behavior

Message Footer

Finished, fixed or delivered stories should be listed on a separate line in the footer prefixed with "Finishes", "Fixes", or "Delivers" keyword like this:

[(Finishes|Fixes|Delivers) #TRACKER_STORY_ID]
Message Example

feat(kafka): implement exactly once delivery
- ensure every event published to kafka is delivered exactly once
- implement error handling for failed delivery
[Delivers #130635935]
⚠️ ** Fallback** ⚠️