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The CMDB API is written as a mod_perl app to be run in apache.

PREREQUISTES The following software is required to be installed prior to attempting to run the CMDB:


and any perl modules:

  • Apache2::Request (libapreq2)
  • Apache2::RequestRec
  • Log::Log4perl
  • JSON
  • XML::Parser
  • XML::Simple
  • Date::Manip
  • Apache::DBI
  • DBI (and appropriate supporting DBD module. CMDB has primarily been developed and tested against mysql)


  • Unpack the distribution into the directory you would like. The apache config will define the API paths, so it is not recommended to put this into your web file tree.

  • Load the initial DB schema (currently tested only against mysql)

  • create a database

  • create a user and grant it select,insert,update privileges on all tables in this database

  • update the cmdb_api.conf file to reflect the user credentials that you just created

  • load the schema into your database with file initial_schema.sql

  • update the cmdb_api.conf 'database' value with the name you used (default: cmdb)

  • update the cmdb_api.conf with the correct db host (default: localhost)

  • update the cmdb_api.conf with the correct location of the log4perl.conf file

  • Copy the apache config file cmdb_api_httpd.conf into place: Debian,Ubuntu,OSX: /etc/apache2/other/, Redhat,CentOS: /etc/httpd/conf.d/

  • adjust the apache config file cmdb_api_httpd.conf to match your system. This may include the following:

    • auth config: the CMDB relies on httpd to manage the user auth for authentication
    • install file paths: the default assumed file path for the cmdb api is /var/www/cmdb_api/
    • module paths: the mod_perl module and libapreq2 (Apache2::Request) apache modules should point to the correct location
  • Copy the htpasswd file into /etc. The location and usage of this file can be changed by adjusting the cmdb_api_httpd.conf appropriately.

  • Copy the cmdb config file (cmdb_api.conf) into /opt/pptools/etc/

  • Edit the file to make sure the install path is correct

  • Edit the log4perl.conf to point to the location where you would like the cmdb log file.

  • touch the logfile defined in the log4perl.conf

  • Restart apache

  • test by loading: http://yourserver/cmdb_api/v1/?lexicon=1