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It’s a tribute to the Bangla Language. It can convert some certain types of English patterns into Bengali format, for now i.e. Any Numbers, Date, Ordinal Indicator, Month, Year, Distance, Weight, Amounts. and many more. It also has an Android TextView that can convert the supported patterns directly.




  • in your top level build.gradle file add the jitpack dependency

    maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

  • in application level build.gradle add the BanglaTextView dependency

    implementation 'com.github.noman404:BanglaTextView:1.0.5'


From .xml

  toBangla:processType="amount" />

From Java

BNTextView bnTextView = new BNTextView(this);  

Direct Process

You can use your own Textview and use ToBN converter to do your own conversion. ToBN.getInstance() provide the direct access of it's underhood methods to achieve more complex processing/conversion. Example.

Supported Conversions

  • Date
  • Number
  • Amount
  • Time
  • Ordinal Indicator (Date, Number, Today)
  • Current Date, Time
  • Distance, Weight units
Process Type Flag Method [ToBN.getInstance(). Return String Result] Output
Date DATE String getDate(String date) ২০১৮-০৫-০৭
Number NUMBER String getNumber(String anyNumber) ৭৫
Time TIME String getNumber(String time) ০৫:০৭
Amount AMOUNT String getAmount(String amount) ৳ ৫৭
Today TODAY String getToday() রবিবার
Date Ordinal Indicator ORDINAL_INDICATOR_FOR_DATE String getOrdinalDate(String DDMMYYYY) ১৬ই ডিসেম্বর, ১৯৭১
Number Ordinal Indicator ORDINAL_INDICATOR_FOR_NUMERIC_ORDER String getOrdinalIndicator(String theNumber, ProcessType.ORDINAL_INDICATOR_FOR_NUMERIC_ORDER) ১৩ তম
Today Ordinal Indicator ORDINAL_INDICATOR_TODAY String getTodayOrdinalDate() ০৭/০৫/২০১৮
Current Time TIME_NOW String getCurrentTime() ১২:০৯:২৫
Distance DISTANCE String getDistance(String distanceWithUnit) ২১ কিলোমিটার
Weight WEIGHT String getWeight(String weightWithUnit) ২.৫ কেজি

Have a look @Sample project to explore more.