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PyBGL is is inspired from the Boost Graph Library (BGL).

Contrary to graph-tool, the goal is not to offer an efficient wrapping of libboost in python. The goal here is to provide a pure python implementation. Hence the debugging and the installation is easier.


PyBGL focuses on two parts of the Boost library:

property map: they are one of the cornerstone to design algorithm with low assumptions concerning the parameters.

graph: this part of Boost is related to graph structure and well-known graph algorithms. PyBGL provides classes for directed and undirected graphs. Currently, the following algorithms are supported in PyBGL:

Is PyBGL simple to use?

  • Take a to look our tests scripts to see some simple examples. they are meant to be short, quite complete and as simple as possible. This is a good start to understand how to use this module.
  • If you are used to Boost, this will be easy because the function are named in the same way and the design is similar.