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Welcome to the Toronto wiki!

This wiki helps outline how we organize and run our events.

November Event

Internal Notes

  • Send out thanks/feedback form to attendees
  • Determine and outline a way to streamline adding new mentors (ie. requiring a vote by committee, attending multiple events, involvement in the community/slack channel, sharing demos, doing a talk etc.)
  • Outline the format, schedule and request attendee demos in email communication leading up to an event
  • Provide name tags for the next event
  • Add Shopify's logo to the site as an ongoing sponsor (they now cover food, drinks, security and the venue for our events)
  • Determine if we should run a December event
  • Try out a hands-on workshop to run in parallel of the January event (potential topics: NodeBots, Express, Sails.js, WebPack, Mongoose)
  • Try out an elongated schedule (an hour to the end or beginning) with more substantial food options for the January event