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The functionality of Dock will be explained here


A WFP Windows app that allows remote operation of the Quansheng UV-K5 (and equivalent) hand-held radios via the programming cable.

It requires .NET als a "driver" to make this nice graphical interface on the PC.

Installation Video

First watch this video ( set from timestamp 3:45 )


Download : A pre-compiled release is available here

Installation : The app is essentially portable and can be placed anywhere. If installing from the release build, just unzip it to a location of your choice and run the QuanshengDock.exe inside the folder.


  • Your virusscanner might detect the QuanshengDock.dll as suspicious and quarantine this file. Then you must correct this manually in the management screen of your virus scanner
  • QuanshengDock needs .NET 6 runtime. It will be installed on initial use
  • If upgrading from a version before 0.27.3q the new version will likely have HUGE text on the LCD screen. This is because I had to change the way the "F Stretch" feature worked. If this happens open up your settings and change "F Stretch" to a value around 0.20

Initial screen


Select Settings - Left below =>

  • In Settings there is a Youtube URL on the bottom line. When pressed, it turn RED and it copies the URL to the clipboard.

PTT is default blocked

  • First UNLOCK PTT by pressing TX
  • Now when you press PTT, the radio will display TX DISABLE because transmission is blocked on that frequency.

Keyboard key-assignment

  • Q toggle sQuelch open
  • W scan up
  • Numbers entering memory channel or VFO-frequency
  • F12 toggle Passthrough bar
  • ENTER activate Menu

Run QD from remote PC

Is possible with QD Network Host (QDNH) running on PC attached to the radio

And all the other functionality

More info on page 50 - Specific-Functions-explained

and on page 70 - Tips-&-Tricks-and-Known-Issues