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The idea of QS-Dock is to transfer control from radio keys to the PC

It is explained in the first official video: Demonstration

PC program QS-Dock

The PC runs a program with a graphical interface that is divided into various functions to operate the radio.

This offers many more functional options because you can now use a mouse and PC keyboard.

The radio has a memory limit of 60Kb, the PC does not.

More info on page 40 - Dock-program-on-PC

Firmware on radio

The radio firmware is based on EGZumer firmware with customized functions.

The radio continuously listens to commands via the programming cable and responds and continuously transmits the status such as the screen information.

More info on page 20 - The-radio-firmware

Connections for Control and Sound


with the programming cable (TX & RX data)

  • tells the radio continuously what the information on the screen is
  • the radio listens to instructions given from the PC


In parallel, the Microphone and Speaker are connected to the PC (as Line-In and Line-out)

More info on page 30 - Connection-between-radio-and-PC

Architecture of QDock components

Here the total Architecture of QDock and possibilities

To get QDock (on Win1x-PC) or QDockX (on Android) working, you need components from the project