Set up OAuth in Google Cloud - nicmart-dev/linguistnow GitHub Wiki

The React app and Express server use OAuth 2.0 Client ID and secret created for Google authentication

The client ID and secret can always be accessed from Credentials in APIs & Services

Google API client ID setup instructions

Create project

  1. Go to

  2. Click CREATE PROJECT button, choose any name

Configure consent screen

  1. Click CONFIGURE CONSENT SCREEN button or go to your OAuth Consent Screen

  2. Select External and click CREATE button

  3. Fill in mandatory fields and click SAVE AND CONTINUE button, and click that button again in the Scopes screen

  4. Add your account email as test user with ADD USERS button, click SAVE AND CONTINUE button

Note: please set up at least 2 Google accounts to use as test users, one of which we will later set up in Airtable with Project Manager role (the other being created automatically upon first login in the app with Linguist role.

Create credentials

  1. Go to Credentials page

  2. Click Create credentials button and select OAuth client ID

  3. In the Application type dropdown, select Web application and give it a recognizable name like google-auth-library

  4. Under Authorized redirect URIs, select + ADD URI. Paste in http://localhost:3000. You may also want to set http://localhost:3000 http://localhost:8080 http://localhost in Authorized JavaScript origins field too.

  5. Select CREATE button

  6. In the OAuth client created modal that appears, click DOWNLOAD JSON

Configure to use the client id and secret in our app

Prerequisite: complete install of React app and server.

  1. Download JSON from google-auth-library credential (which you downloaded from an earlier step, or from to server\config\oauth2.keys.json

  2. Navigate to server and client directories, and copy example.env as .env file in each case

  3. Extract from oauth2.keys.json REACT_APP_GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID and REACT_APP_GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET and save it to client\.env