Setting it up - nickstuaw/Reaction_Role_Bot GitHub Wiki

Welcome to the Reaction_Role_Bot wiki!

Bot Setup

1. Clone the repo.

2. Install node.js, npm and npm modules.

sudo apt get update sudo apt install nodejs sudo apt install npm npm install dotenv npm install discord.js

3. Change the settings in .env.

nano .env

Put your token in the TOKEN variable. GUILD_ID = "Put your guild id here" Enter reaction-role functions in the ROLE_REACTIONS variable in the following format: messageid.onr.emojiid.addr.roleid Separate multiple ones with commas (','). E.g. "797552364520341564.onr.797552521400549387.addr.797529519555608596,797559385991806986.onr.797559385991806986.addr.792755235386163212" FORWARD_DMS_TO_CHANNEL="The id of the channel to monitor DMs from." DM_CONTROL_CHANNEL="The id of the channel that the !dm command is exclusively interpreted from."

3. Run the bot! :)

node reactions.js