Sprint Report 1 - nford18/spherical-easel-w24 GitHub Wiki

Prepared by: Nick Ford, Caleb Roe, Travis Johnson

Intended Progress

For Sprint 1, we had two main goals: Set up Firebase database structure and basic UI components for Owned Constructions and Create vue3 test cases. We also wanted to make sure for this sprint we had a working understanding of how the existing project worked in the code base and rendered to a webpage.

Nick planned to create test cases for several files to learn the codebase and set up the Back-end creation of construction and user objects to suit the new feature of starring constructions.

Caleb planned on creating his set of test cases, creating the new UI components for owned and starred constructions, and working on getting a framework for the new database filters and logic through Firebase.

Travis was delegated the tasks of setting up his .env with the Firebase API, getting a better understanding of the codebase, and implementing construction deletion.

Progress Reflection

As a whole, we are on track with the progress slated for this sprint. we had good meetings with the clients and they were able to quickly resolve any questions or issues that we had during this sprint.

Nick feels the middle of the road on his progress. He set up his environment and IDE in a way to better facilitate his role as GitHub Master. Without the chance to better understand the massive codebase through testing - the clients moved this task to a later sprint - it was difficult for Nick to find the pieces of code that related to his issues. This will hopefully be amended through the next Sprint.

Overall, Caleb is happy with his progress so far, he completed all the major tasks he had, barring the few that need help from the clients (SPH-28-revision). Having previous experience with vuejs and Firebase, it's been easier for him to quickly get used to the existing code-base and start developing the features assigned to this sprints backlog. He learned a lot already with making sure the repo is set up correctly before jumping into development.

Travis is feeling a bit disappointed with his progress on this project so far. He has encountered several issues with his personal device, and the scale of the project has been quite overwhelming. Since he has little to no experience with the technologies involved, it's been challenging for him to grasp what's needed to implement the delegated tasks. However, Travis is determined to overcome these obstacles and learn as much as he can along the way.

Problems Encountered

We encountered several problems during this first sprint. First, we ran into issues with the repo setup not working to fork back to the clients repo. We fixed this and confirmed we were good with the current client commits, but during initial feature development, we found out there were missing client commits that we needed. Second, we found out testing had to be put on hold for the entire team due to client testing needed for the main construction files. Finally, we ran into issues getting a Vercel sandbox environment working due to some back-end dependencies. so for right now we have only been able to local-host on individual machines.

The first problem that Nick encountered was simply time. Balancing time between other classes and his other capstone did not lean in this project's favor for this sprint. For the next sprint, Nick will schedule his work time better. Also, as mentioned above, the clients delayed the testing task to a later sprint due to issues they were having with the testing framework. This meant that Nick did not have that time to figure out the codebase before jumping into the deep end of task work.

Caleb headed up the vercel playground setup and ran into the dependency issue. Other than that, everything was fine with the sprint setup in Jira, estimation points seemed to be about right for the tasks we did get done. The larger stories were broken up into child tasks with multiple contributors for the whole story so he feels that estimation worked out.

The problems Travis faced included difficulties in setting up his device and troubleshooting its issues. Additionally, evaluating the extensive codebase with his limited knowledge of the technologies proved challenging. Moreover, balancing time for the project and ensuring equitable contributions alongside my teammates has been a significant concern.

Project Progress

We hit about where we were looking to be for the end of this sprint. We had a lot of wiggle room considering one of the main goals of this sprint was testing and tweaking the firebase database. We have new UI component elements that are displaying with static information.

Nick did not make much progress on his tasks for this sprint due to the aforementioned knowledge gap. So far he updated the object definitions users and constructions but not where those are sent to Firebase. This issue will be pushed to Sprint 2.

Caleb had a couple of changes he will be recommending for the next sprint, first more focus on breaking up the stories and subtasks. Second, how the work is getting delegated and structured per the clients goals. He thinks we were fine with velocity, we just had stories that we were unable to complete due to client changes.

Regarding his progress, Travis still has most of his tasks from this sprint in progress, which will need to be carried over and implemented in the next sprint.

Update of Burndown Chart

We had a few days at the beginning where we were waiting on new tests from the client, and then again when we were waiting on the new commits from the clients. For the next sprint, we will be focusing on getting that burn-down chart more staggered throughout the two weeks.


Teamwork Reflections

Nick thinks that the team has been a little disconnected. We met three times over the sprint and did not talk much besides that. More effective communication will make progress easier and time spent on issues more efficient.

Caleb thought having everyone working on a localHost with individual issue branches has been really effective so far. Caleb thinks we need to be meeting more for the code revisions so that everyone is on the same page. He thinks as a team we need to improve on communicating what we are working on and when we are busy.

Travis is on board with Caleb's point. Our team communication is okay, but we could definitely step it up. He will start speaking up quicker when he runs into issues and ask for help understanding what he is working on. Travis will also ensure that he lets his team know ahead of time when he is unavailable.


Reflecting on Sprint 1, we recognize that our journey commenced with a blend of challenges and triumphs. Despite the initial hurdles, such as repository setup issues and the delay in testing due to client-side dependencies, our team demonstrated resilience and adaptability. We successfully laid the groundwork for our project with the Firebase database and began establishing the basic UI components. The problems we encountered, though frustrating, have been instrumental in galvanizing the team towards more robust communication and better time management strategies.
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