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Deutsche Post Direkt ADDRESSFACTORY for Magento 2

The ADDRESSFACTORY system of Deutsche Post Direkt allows you to have your address data corrected, enriched and cleansed of duplicates by Deutsche Post Direkt.

The module ADDRESSFACTORY for Magento 2 allows you to automatically analyze and correct shipping addresses in your shop system using the service of Deutsche Post Direkt.

Table of contents

Hints for using the Module

Login credentials

The module communicates with the service ADDRESSFACTORY DIRECT by Deutsche Post Direkt. To use this service, login credentials are required. You must obtain valid credentials from Deutsche Post Direkt.

More Information:

The module does not have a sandbox mode. Access data are required in any case.


Install the module according to the instructions from the file which you can find in the module package. It is very important to follow all steps exactly as shown there. Do not skip any steps.

You can find system requirements information in these files in the module package:

If in doubt: the version information in the file composer.json supersedes any other information.


To uninstall the module, follow the steps described in the file which you can find in the module package.


The configuration in the Magento 2 admin panel can be found here:

Stores → Configuration → Customers → Deutsche Post Direkt

In this configuration section, the following settings can be made:

General Configuration


Attention: Logs can contain sensitive customer data! Logging should only be activated for troubleshooting purposes. The logs should be deleted regularly.

Only use the option "Analysis on Order placement" if problems occur in connection with "Analysis via Cron". Please contact our support first.

Module usage

The module provides a separate column Shipping Address Check Status in the Orders grid in the admin panel.


The possible entries are:


The ADDRESSFACTORY DIRECT info box is the central point for the functions of the Addressfactory module for individual orders. Navigate to the order details page to find the info box.

Sales → Orders → View

You will find the ADDRESSFACTORY DIRECT info box below the shipping address. If an ADDRESSFACTORY analysis has already been performed, the results are displayed here.


This includes the following elements:

First you will see a summary of the likelihood of delivery in the form of a deliverability-score. These are the possible scores and their meaning:

Below this, you will see a list of information relevant to deliverability, if available. This data is compiled from the status keys of the ADDRESSFACTORY analysis. If you want to see the underlying key, hold your mouse cursor over an entry for a moment.

If available, a preview of the shipping address corrected by ADDRESSFACTORY is displayed below. Changes to the original address are highlighted in color. Click the button "Auto-correct address" if you want to include this corrected address in your Magento order.

The info box also contains further actions. Here you can:

Automatic analysis

The address analysis is automatically performed on order placement. If you have activated all options in the Configuration:

If you have not activated automatic correction, holding, or cancelling, you can do this [manually](#manual_address analysis).

Analysis via Cron

You can have the shipping addresses of all new incoming orders automatically analyzed and updated every 5 minutes according to the configuration.

It is recommended to keep an eye on the Shipping Address Check Status to avoid an accumulation of failed analyses.

Manual address analysis

The manual address analysis can be performed individually or collectively (mass-action) in the admin panel.

Individual analysis

Navigate to the order details page to analyze the shipping address of an individual order.

Sales → Orders → View

You will find the ADDRESSFACTORY DIRECT info box below the shipping address.

Click the Perform Address Check button to perform the analysis.

The result of the ADDRESSFACTORY analysis is then displayed in the info box. You now have these options:

Mass action

To analyze several orders manually, navigate to the order grid, select the orders to be analyzed and use the mass action Shipping Address Validation (ADDRESSFACTORY) -> Check Shipping Address.

For analysis and correction, use the mass action Shipping Address Validation (ADDRESSFACTORY) -> Check and Autocorrect Shipping Address.

Data Protection / GDPR

The module transmits personal customer data to the Deutsche Post Direkt ADDRESSFACTORY DIRECT web service to perform the address analysis.

The transmitted data is the shipping address including first name, last name, street, house number, postal code and city.

Deutsche Post Direkt provides the services of the ADDRESSFACTORY product family as a processor in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR. For this purpose, Deutsche Post Direkt will conclude a separate Agreement on Commissioned Data Processing pursuant to Article 28 GDPR.


The Deliverability Status column in the order grid and the Adressfactory Direct info box on the order details page indicate if an address analysis has failed.

If you have activated logging, you can find the cause of the error in the Magento log directory in the log file (var/log/postdirekt_ADDRESSFACTORY.log).

Technical Support

If you have questions or encounter problems, please take a look at the Support Portal (FAQ) first:

If the problem cannot be resolved, you can contact the support team via the Support Portal or send an email to [email protected]