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VAL_ Values

Essentially a basic Key-Value map for Signal data.

Allows DBC interpreters to output human-readable strings for raw Signal values.


Usually positioned at the bottom of the document, adjacent to Attributes

VAL_ <CAN-ID> <Signal>  <IntKey> "<StrVal>"  <IntKey_2> "<StrVal_2>";


VAL_ 123 GearSelector  0 "P" 1 "R" 2 "N" 3 "D" ;

Translation: If GearSelector = 0, current gear is P. If 1 then gear is R, etc.

VAL_ 456 HandbrakeStatus  0 "Disengaged" 1 "Engaged" ;
VAL_ 789 HeadlightStatus  0 "Off" 1 "On" ;