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SG_: Signals

Follows the parent Message Definition (BO_), without any blank lines between them.

Must begin with a single whitespace indentation.


 SG_ <Mnemonic> : <StartBit>|<BitLength>@<Endianness><Signedness> (<factor>,<offset>) [<min>|<max>] "[unit]" [Receivers]


 SG_ BattVoltage : 0|[email protected]+ (.1,0) [0|25.5] "volts" Vector__XXX
 SG_ EngineRPM : 8|[email protected]+ (0.125,0) [0|512] "" Vector__XXX
 SG_ FuelLevel : 8|[email protected]+ (0.00625,0) [0|16.5] "gallons" Vector__XXX

Signal Attributes

Attribute Name Definition Default Value
SigType BA_DEF_ SG_ "SigType" ENUM "Default","Range","RangeSigned","Control","DTC"; BA_DEF_DEF_ "SigType" "Default";
SystemSignalLongSymbol BA_DEF_ SG_ "SystemSignalLongSymbol" STRING; BA_DEF_DEF_ "SystemSignalLongSymbol" "";
GenSigSendType BA_DEF_ SG_ "GenSigSendType" ENUM "none","Cyclic","OnWrite","OnChange"; BA_DEF_DEF_ "GenSigSendType" "none";
GenSigILSupport BA_DEF_ SG_ "GenSigILSupport" ENUM "Yes","No"; BA_DEF_DEF_ "GenSigILSupport" "Yes";
GenSigCycleTime BA_DEF_ SG_ "GenSigCycleTime" INT <min=0> <max=10000> ; BA_DEF_DEF_ "GenSigCycleTime" 0;
GenSigDelayTime BA_DEF_ SG_ "GenSigDelayTime" INT <min=0> <max=10000> ; BA_DEF_DEF_ "GenSigDelayTime" 0;
GenSigStartDelayTime BA_DEF_ SG_ "GenSigStartDelayTime" INT <min=0> <max=10000> ; BA_DEF_DEF_ "GenSigStartDelayTime" 0;
GenSigStartValue BA_DEF_ SG_ "GenSigStartValue" INT <min=0> <max>; BA_DEF_DEF_ "GenSigStartValue" 0;
GenSigEVName BA_DEF_ SG_ "GenSigEVName" STRING; BA_DEF_DEF_ "GenSigEVName" "[email protected]<Node>[email protected]<Signal>";