Attributes - nberlette/canbus Wiki

BA_: Attributes

Attributes can be specified for Nodes (BU_), Messages (BO_), and Signals (SG_). While the symbols are somewhat ambiguous, most attributes have 3 key parts:


BA_ "<AttributeName>" [BU_|BO_|SG_] [Node|CAN-ID] [SignalName] <AttributeValue>;

BA_: The Attribute. Specifies type, NodeName/CAN-ID/SignalName, and value(s).


BA_DEF_ [BU_|BO_|SG_] "<AttributeName>" <DataType> [Config];

BA_DEF_: Attribute Definition. Specifies the type (BU_|BO_|SG_), name, data type, and value configuration.

DataType Description Config format
INT integer <min> <max>
FLOAT floating point <min> <max>
STRING string
ENUM enumeration "<Value0>","<Value1>"...


BA_DEF_DEF_ "<AttributeName>" ["]<DefaultValue>["];

BA_DEF_DEF_: Attribute Default Definition. Specifies the default value for the attribute if none is given.