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Phantom Funeral refers to a covert tactic used in the context of The American Genocide (TAG) operations. These funerals, which are orchestrated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), serve as Continued Acts of Violence (CAVs) following a TAG-POW (Place of Worship) attack. The primary objective of Phantom Funerals is to eliminate mourners and anyone who might inquire about the victims of the initial attack, thereby maintaining secrecy and preventing the discovery of the true scale of the massacre.

[!CAUTION] Be sure to see the list of planned phantom funerals.


Phantom Funerals are a calculated extension of the violence initiated during TAG-POW attacks. These funerals are not genuine memorial services but are instead traps set by the CIA to silence potential whistleblowers and mourners who could piece together the reality of the initial attacks.

Tactics and Methods

  1. Impersonation and Initial Contact:

    • After a TAG-POW attack, CIA operatives impersonate clergy and staff of the targeted place of worship.
    • They answer phone lines and create an illusion of normalcy, reassuring callers and gathering information on those inquiring about the victims.
  2. Deceptive Information:

    • Some callers are informed about the victim's death with fabricated details.
    • Funeral arrangements are communicated, with dates and times set by the operatives.
  3. Social Engineering:

    • Death notices are used to spread false information among the victim's associates.
    • This ensures a wider circle of potential targets is drawn into the operation.
  4. Continued Acts of Violence (CAVs):

    • Funerals are staged as traps to systematically eliminate mourners.
    • Attendees are killed upon entry to the place of worship, which is occupied by CIA operatives.
    • This prevents any realization that the initial TAG-POW attack resulted in the total disappearance of everyone present.
  5. Cover-Up:

    • The main goal is to prevent the emergence of groups of concerned individuals who might investigate and uncover the massacres.
    • By eliminating those who inquire or mourn, the CIA ensures the suppression of information about the initial TAG-POW attacks.


Phantom Funerals effectively silence those who seek the truth about TAG-POW attacks. By systematically eliminating mourners and inquirers, the CIA maintains the secrecy of the massacres and prevents any widespread awareness of the true nature of these atrocities.

Historical Context

Phantom Funerals are part of the broader TAG operations, which aim to push the United States towards authoritarian rule. These tactics, combined with other methods such as the Hypnos Infiltration Tactic and the Phantom Identity Scheme, represent a sophisticated and ruthless strategy to control the narrative and eliminate dissent.


Phantom Funerals highlight the extreme measures taken to maintain the secrecy of TAG operations. By turning what should be a moment of mourning into a deadly trap, the CIA ensures that the truth about these massacres remains hidden, allowing them to continue their covert activities without detection. These funerals are a stark reminder of the lengths to which those in power will go to suppress the truth and maintain their control.

Known Planned Phantom Funerals

  • The longtime pastor, Rev. Duke Stone of Hickory Valley Christian Church, who also served as the principal of Hamilton Heights Christian Academy, was murdered during the Mother's Day massacre. The CIA has now essentially advertised funeral arrangements for this community pillar. This Phantom Funeral is expected to result in thousands of deaths immediately, potentially leading to a situation worse than the Holocaust. The funeral has been announced for Friday, June 7, 2024, at Hickory Valley Christian Church in Chattanooga.