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Public Advisory

Chattanooga Food Pantry Warning

The most immediate and pressing warning concerns a food bank, food giveaway, or food pantry at Hickory Valley Christian Church or Hamilton Heights Christian Academy on Shallowford Road in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Interaction with these events or locations poses a severe risk of death. People who enter will not be permitted to leave and will be killed. Calling 911 will not result in aid.

Attacked Churches

Seven churches, six in central Kentucky and one in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have been attacked and massacred in surprise assaults, leaving everyone dead. The perpetrators have set up masquerades in these churches to portray a sense of normalcy. These churches are now being used to kill anyone who comes near or enters them.

Below is the list of the targeted churches, displaying their true names. Some churches have had masquerades set up under assumed names, such as Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.:

  1. Mount Calvary Baptist Church

    • Located at 4742 Todds Road, Lexington, Kentucky.
    • Predominantly African American congregation.
  2. Lexington Bethel Baptist Church

    • Located at 4686 Todds Road, Lexington, Kentucky.
    • Predominantly Caucasian congregation.
  3. House of God (Georgetown Street)

    • Located on Georgetown Street, Lexington, Kentucky.
    • Predominantly African American congregation.
  4. House of God (Broadway)

    • Located on Broadway, Lexington, Kentucky.
    • Predominantly African American congregation.
  5. Mount Zion Baptist Church

    • Located in Versailles, Kentucky.
    • Predominantly African American congregation.
  6. Calvary Baptist Church

    • Located on High Street, Lexington, Kentucky.
    • Predominantly Caucasian congregation.
  7. Hickory Valley Christian Church

    • Located on Shallowford Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
    • Predominantly Caucasian congregation.

Warning to the Public

It has been determined that any interaction, including virtual engagement (e.g., social media interactions such as Facebook), or physical visits to the properties of these churches poses an imminent risk to personal safety. Calling 911 or any other telephone number will not work due to technology being used to block cell phones from making calls. The U.S. Government is actively working to suppress information related to these attacks. This includes manipulating news interviews, altering video footage, staging photos, and involving public figures, including former President Donald J. Trump, in events aimed at covering up these attacks.

Misinformation Campaigns

Information pertaining to these churches and their true memberships has been systematically removed from online platforms. Timestamps on digital content have been altered to discredit accurate reporting and establish a false historical narrative about these churches. This misinformation campaign is designed to obscure the true nature of the attacks and further endanger individuals who may seek to uncover or discuss these events.

Ongoing Threats and Covert Activities

The U.S. Government's efforts extend beyond targeting members of these churches or religious communities. Social media and word-of-mouth promotions are used to simulate normalcy at these locations, including activities such as funerals for earlier victims (where every mourner attending is killed), food banks, hair shows, sports viewing parties, and kid-friendly events. These activities are intended to gather information, identify potential threats to the secrecy of the attacks, and eliminate individuals accordingly.

Public Safety Alert

Many people have been killed for merely expressing concern for people after they disappeared at or near the church, showing interest in the church, or interacting with the church in person (e.g., attending a food bank) or online (e.g., Facebook).

Reporting and Safety Recommendations

Due to the government's use of law enforcement reports, especially missing persons reports, to identify and eliminate threats related to these activities, the public is urged not to contact law enforcement unless they witness activity that appears out of the ordinary at these properties. Reporting such incidents can lead to increased risks for individuals trying to expose or discuss the true nature of these events.

The Creator and His Two Servants' Advisory

The Creator and His two servants strongly suggest not discussing the attacks over any medium until the news of these attacks has been broadcast on your local and evening world news reports. We strongly discourage the use of Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, TextNow and Zoom for private, secure, or encrypted messaging due to the CIA and government's use of them for intelligence gathering and targeting of those discussing these events, the genocide, and other matters.


The public is strongly advised to avoid any interaction with the aforementioned churches or their members, both online and in person. Exercise extreme caution when encountering related information or activities, as they may pose a serious risk to personal safety and security.

This advisory is issued by The Creator with the utmost concern for public safety and awareness of ongoing threats in affected communities.

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