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Initiate Benefit

  • After resting for the night, a dialog asking if you would like to change your tome skills appears image
  • You can choose to change your skills or keep them as your previous day's options. If you choose to change them, you will be prompted for two separate choices. They follow the pattern shown on the Archives of Nethys entry for Tome. (For example, the Adept Benefit lists the expert proficiency first and the master proficiency second, so the first choice will be expert and the second will be master)



  • Lore skills can also be added, but they must be added to your sheet prior to resting for the night. image

Adept Benefit

  • The Recall Knowledge roll at the start of your turn each round is not automated, but the circumstance bonus to your next attack roll is.

Paragon Benefit

  • Rolling initiative with Esoteric Lore gives the +3 circumstance bonus to the initiative roll
  • The bonus to recall knowledge increases to +2 and succeeding at the recall knowledge check applies the bonus to attack rolls for the entirety of the turn.

Intensify Vulnerability

  • When running the Intensify Vulnerability macro for Tome, a d20 is rolled and sent to chat. image

You will also gain an effect that "holds" the number rolled. image

Until the start of your next turn, you can toggle Intensify Vulnerability on your actions tab on the character sheet to use the rolled number on a strike against your primary Exploit Vulnerability target. image