Configuration - mwalters/homed Wiki

Edit app/homed.yaml. You should see this basic format, documentation is in-line:

name: homed                     # Required - used in titlebar and header of page
dark_mode: false                # Optional - true to turn on dark mode
open_links_in_new_window: true  # Optional - whether you want links to open in a new window
auth_ui_link: https://yourhost/authelia # Optional - link to your auth system UI

# Sections is a list of sections to be displayed on the page
  - name: "Local Weather" # Required - Display name for the section
    order: 4              # Required - The order in which this section is to appear
    type: weather         # Required only for "Weather" section
    weather_code: VAC075  # Get this from by finding your county and entering the code from the URL where x = <code>

    # This one is a bit more difficult to explain, go to and search for your zip code.
    # Look for "Your local forecast office is" and click on the link.  On that page, look for the last section
    # of the URL, for instance, with "" the code is "AKQ"
    weather_radar: AKQ
  - name: "Media"
    order: 1
    css_classes: # Optional list - CSS classes to be added to the section wrapper
      - local_media
    links:                          # Optional ... but, why have a section if you aren't adding links? :)
      - name: Plex                  # Required - Text to display for the link
        link: https://yourhost/plex # Required - URL to take the user to when clicked
        icon: far fa-play-circle    # Required - Image URL or FontAwesome CSS classes
        css_classes:                # Optional list - CSS classes to be added to the link wrapper
          - personal_media
        authGroups:                 # Optional list of user groups that this link shall be visible to
          - users
  - name: "Quick Links"
    order: 2
      - name: Amazon
        icon: fab fa-amazon
          - users
      - name: Github
        icon: fab fa-github
          - admins
      - name: Reddit
        icon: /logos/reddit.png
          - users
  - name: "Internal"
    order: 3
      - name: "Authelia"
        link: https://yourhost/authelia
        icon: fas fa-user-ninja
          - users
      - name: "Dozzle"
        link: https://yourhost/dozzle/
        icon: fas fa-list-ul
          - admins