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When you have a legal claim over someone with legal proofs, then you have to report that in a polite way utilizing less words with a proper voice tone to describe your issue as much as you can.

No need to fucken memorize anything as those assholes, just bring your notes with pen to describe your issue properly.

Finally you have to await their feedback. No need to rush it's life.

You have to put your mobile in silent-mode to avoid distraction during the conversation with the police-officer.


  • report = do complain against someone
  • The report is made in your native language.

Common doing via ignorant countryside savage dogs:

As you know from the previous explanation regarding countryside savage dogs. We can see that they do not speak for themselves when they want to do a false-claim against something in the police-station, however they authorize a fake attorney to wordplay around their nasty doings in the police-station. Please note that there is nothing called a freelance (private) attorney, however due to current economical conditions, we can find that the graduates of faculty of law working LEGALLY as specialized officers in military and police. Unfortunately they should have a place in such corporations when they do exist.


Law ( Justice = Causality + Damage Effect ) 📚



Police and Police station 👮 🕵 🚓 🚨

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Judiciary 🏛 ⚖️ 📝



You can locate the nearest police-station to your home using Google-Maps as below:

Used text 📝 to search in google maps 🗺 which you can find in google search engine 🔍: police station in riyadh

You can use google maps 🗺 via your cell-phone 📱 or your laptop 💻 to get the below results to choose from: