How do I use 1.16 hex colors - montlikadani/TabList GitHub Wiki

TabList uses a basic hexadecimal formatting to access custom color. Obviously RGB is also supported, to use hex use the # hash character to define.

Example codes:

  • #154232 #154232


Gradient formatting can be used starting from TabList v5.6.9+, you need {gradient=#RRRRGB:#RRRRGB}Text to format{/gradient} variable to format a specific text. The closing tag {/gradient} should exists at the end of your text to correctly format, if it is not exists, the coloring will be ignored. You can only use hexadecimal colors for coloring. Simple blue, white, red, etc. color is not available. Currently, you can only enter 2 hex colors, the first one will be the start and the second will be the end.