Considerations for XMPP server admins - monal-im/Monal Wiki

Important for Prosody admins

  • If you use prosody 0.12 or above, you will have to use mod_smacks as provided in the community modules repo instead of the mod_smacks bundled with prosody 0.12. The bundled version contains a bug that prevents longer session hibernation if no push was sent.
  • Check that you use a recent version of the community modules (e.g. Debian Bullseye is too old. Use bullseye-backports instead)


  • Use the lastest ejabberd version!

Session timeout:

  • Due to its push notification design, Monal has the tendency to login or resume rather a lot. Therefore, it would be good to increase the XEP-0198 session timeout to at least one hour
  • Increase the allowed successful logins per timeslot


  • Make sure you have CSI (Client State Indication) enabled, this will greatly reduce your battery consumption by delaying messages not needed while the app is not in foreground (like typing notifications).
  • mod_csi_batter_saver on prosody
  • mod_client_state on ejabberd

Other things to consider

  • Use valid and signed certs!
  • Publish SRV records and prefer TLS over StartTLS to reduce round trip times. This is important on slow or unreliable mobile networks and improves the user experience and push notification reliability 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5223 86400 IN SRV 50 0 5222
  • Make sure you have a module for XEP-0198, XEP-0357 and XEP-0313 activated and configured correctly, on prosody these modules are named mod_smacks, mod_cloud_notify and mod_mam.
  • You can check if those modules are activated and usable by Monal by opening your account settings in Monal (Settings --> tap onto your account) and tapping onto the (i) icon in the server column. It should show all of these XEPs as supported.
  • You can check if push is correctly supported by your server by opening Settings --> Notifications in Monal.
  • Make sure that your server can talk Bidirectional to Monal's appserver!
  • See this issue, for common mistakes and solutions: