version management - minetest-world/mtlauncher Wiki


on windows, builds are readily available - downloading and installing directly from the launcher works just fine!

mac & linux

unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a consistent set of trusted builds for mac & linux. mac has some recent versions in GH, and versions except the 5.6.x branch are available as AppImages for linux

as such, mtlauncher is currently not able to automatically install and download versions for you! some legwork is required.

  • download the version you want (eg: 5.6.1) as either an AppImage (linux) or .app file (mac)
  • create ${APP_DIR}/versions/${VERSION_NAME}/ and extract your executable in that directory as minetest.AppImage or
  • restart mtlauncher

mods, games, etc will all be installed in ${APP_DIR}/versions/${VERSION_NAME}.

where is ${APP_DIR}?

  • windows: %appdata%/world.minetest.mtlauncher/
  • mac: $HOME/Library/Application Support/world.minetest.mtlauncher/
  • linux: either $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/world.minetest.mtlauncher/ or $HOME/.config/world.minetest.mtlauncher/