Recommended Mods - minervamaga/Diverse-Stardew-Valley Wiki

Here are some mod suggestions from the DSV team to further improve and expand diversity and representation within the game, as well as some recommendations to make the game more accessible to people. If you have any mods you think would be a good addition to this list, feel free to submit them via the Issues tab with an explanation about the mod.

Table of Contents

Race and Culture

Jana's Hijabs and Turbans

Author: janamods01

Jana's Hijabs and Turbans adds a variety of coloured hijabs and different styles of turban for the player character.

Requires: Json Assets.

Natural Hairstyles

Author: mxstix

Natural Hairstyles adds 56 different styles of natural hairstyles for the player character, including afros, locs, crochet braids, puffs and more.

Requires: Either Content Patcher or Get Glam.

Ethnic Skin Tones

Author: MythicMoss

Ethnic Skin Tones replaces the vanilla skintones with a wider and more diverse selection, allowing players of colour to have a more accurate representation of themselves.

Hippie Desert Trader

Author: omena007

Hippie Desert Trader changes the Calico Desert trader to remove exoticized stereotypical elements. While still dark-skinned, their turban has been changed for an afro, their tent is now a rainbow caravan, and their camel has been replaced by a giant python.

Short-Nosed Goblin Henchman Replacement

Author: StardewSpoonie

Short-Nosed Goblin Henchman Replacement edits the goblin henchman's portraits so that he has a short nose, as the stereotypical depiction of goblins with long, hooked noses was born out of anti-Semitic caricatures. There are also options to change his skin colour to either a lighter green or yellow.


Gender Neutrality Mod

Author: Hanatsuki

Gender Neutrality Mod makes Stardew Valley nonbinary-friendly. It allows the player to select their pronouns, changes dialogue so that NPCs will refer to the player with gender-neutral terms, removes the gender symbols on the character creation screen, and allows the player to use either door in the bathhouse. An optional file includes a randomised selection of pronouns.

Mx. Qi

Author: Isilily

Mx. Qi changes Mr. Qi's prefix to the gender-neutral Mx., because mysterious casino owners don't need to follow the gender binary.

Platonic Relationships

Author: CherryChain

Platonic Relationships changes the game mechanics so that players are able to reach 10 hearts with marriage candidates without needing to gift them a bouquet. Does not change dialogue or heart events, so characters may still treat the player in a romantic manner (see Platonic Partners and Friendships).

Platonic Partners and Friendships

Author: Amaranthacyan

Platonic Partners and Relationships allows the player to have a platonic relationship with selected marriage candidates and edits dialogue and heart events to be consistent with a close friendship. Players are also able to have a platonic partnership as an alternative to marriage, with a wide variety of customisable options. Recommended to use alongside Platonic Relationships and compatible with Gender Neutrality, amongst others. Compatible with Multiple Spouses.

Requires: Custom Fixed Dialogue

No Cooties

Author: ceruleandeep

No Cooties changes the default kiss and heart emote with the player's spouse to instead be a hug and a smile emote, designed to be used alongside Platonic Partners and Friendships for housemates and aromantic relationships. Compatible with Multiple Spouses.

Rival Events for Maru and Penny - Optional Poly

Author: brinthehufflepuff

Rival Events for Maru and Penny adds 6 new events for Maru and Penny where they become a couple over time. Includes options for the player to join them in a polyamorous relationship.

Rival Events for Sam and Sebastian

Author: brinthehufflepuff

Rival Events for Sam and Sebastian adds 6 new events for Sam and Sebastian where they become a couple over time.

Life Cycle

Author: nraittanna

Life Cycle adds heart events for a number of selectable romantic couples. The majority of these are heterosexual relationships, but the mod also includes events for Haley and Leah to become girlfriends and later marry.

Requires: Mail Framework Mod (for married version only, not required for dating version)

CP TheyThem Abigail

Author: sarahleia

TheyThem Abigail changes dialogue for Abigail, Caroline, and Pierre so that Abigail is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

Systemworks' Doctor Hazel

Author: SystemWorks

Doctor Hazel changes Harvey's portraits, sprites, dialogue, and events into a transgender woman, Doctor Hazel, as well as changing some aspects of Harvey's character. Compatible with Gender Neutrality.

Requires: SystemWorks' Flexible Framework

Bye Bye Clint Hello Clarice

Author: avimour

Bye Bye Clint Hello Clarice changes Clint's portraits, sprites, dialogue, and events into a transgender Black lesbian, Clarice, as well as overhauling Clint's character.

Beach Day

Author: PatientAllison

Beach Day adds the option to wear flip-flops and includes a port of Delta's Better Swimsuits, which adds new nonbinary-friendly swimwear for all genders. Currently all swimsuits are paired with skirts.

Requires: Json Assets

LGBTQ+ Items

LGBTQ Pride Flags for Custom Furniture

Author: eorrl

LGBTQ Pride Flags adds a variety of flat pride flags as 2-space wide wall hangings for the player's house, purchasable from Robin or the furniture catalogue.

Requires: Custom Furniture

Autistic Pride Flags for Custom Furniture

Author: eorrl

Autistic Pride Flags adds a variety of flat flags with the autistic pride infinity symbol as 2-space wide wall hangings for the player's house, purchasable from Robin or the furniture catalogue.

Requires: Custom Furniture

BananaBlaze187's Pride Flags for Custom Furniture

Author: BananaBlaze187, ported by lavenderlight

BananaBlaze187's Pride Flags adds a variety of draped pride flags as 2-space wide wall hangings for the player's house, purchasable from Robin or the furniture catalogue.

Requires: Custom Furniture

LGBT Pride Shirts for Your Farmer

Author: Mixter Moro

LGBT Pride Shirts adds a variety of new clothing featuring different LGBTQ+ pride flags in their design.

Requires: Json Assets

Prismatic Pride

Author: kdau

Prismatic Pride edits the prismatic clothing items so that they cycle through the colours of a configurable pride flag.

Requires: Json Assets

Macrame Pride Wall Hangings for Custom Furniture

Author: Mycenia

Macrame Pride Wall Hangings adds a selection of macrame wall hangings with subtle LGBTQ+ flag colours for the player's house.

Requires: Custom Furniture

Lumisteria Flower Pride Banner

Author: Lumisteria

Lumisteria Flower Pride Banner adds a selection of floral banner wall hangings, inspired by the LGBTQ+ flags, for the player's house.

Requires: Custom Furniture

JA Colorful Tulip Pride Edition

Author: KAYA

Colorful Tulip Pride Edition adds tulip seed packets that bloom in a variety of colours matching a particular LGBTQ+ pride flag.

Requires: Json Assets

Pride Pastries

Author: acearohippo

Pride Pastries adds new pride-flag-themed food items such as cheesecake, cookies, donuts, smoothies, ice cream, waffles, sodas, and the ingredients necessary to cook them.

Requires: Json Assets


Multiple Spouses

Author: aedenthorn

Multiple Spouses allows the player to marry more than one NPC and to continue dating while married. It also allows spouses to kiss each other, edits the player's bed to be larger, and extend the kids' room and spouse rooms. Possibly incompatible with minervamaga's Poly Friendly Events and Unique Jealousy Responses due to editing the same content.

Requires: Custom Spouse Patio

Multiple Spouse Dialogs

Author: ceruleandeep

Multiple Spouse Dialogs adds the chance that spouses married via Multiple Spouses will speak with one another when they are close together. Currently includes specific dialogue packs for Abigail/Sebastian and Shane/Harvey, as well as assorted generic dialogue.

Tia's Multiple Spouses Dialogue Pack

Author: tiakall

Tia's Multiple Spouses Dialogue Pack adds the chance that spouses married via Multiple Spouses will speak with one another when they are close together. Currently includes specific dialogue packs for Sam/Sebastian, Alex/Haley, Abigail/Emily, and Leah/Elliott.

Sebastian Abigail and Farmer Poly Events

Author: zoedoll

Sebastian Abigail and Farmer Poly Events adds two new events if the farmer is dating both Abigail and Sebastian where the three discuss their relationship. The events are also available if married to one of them.

Poly Friendly Events - Content Patcher

Author: minervamaga

Poly Friendly Events edits the group 10-heart events seen if dating all bachelors or bachelorettes to remove any negative effects and instead be a friendly acknowledgement of the player's polyamorous relationships.

Unique Jealousy Responses

Author: minervamaga

Unique Jealousy Responses edits the jealous spouse dialogue seen when gifting another NPC while married so that the player can either be honest with their spouse and gain heart points or lie and lose points.

Other Inclusivity

Farmer Vitiligo

Author: xaandiir

Farmer Vitiligo changes the player's base skin to have vitiligo. Two style options are available and work with all skintones.

Pregnancy Role

Author: kdau

Pregnancy Role allows the player to select whether their character and each of the marriage candidates can become pregnant, can impregnate another, or whether they will always adopt. Instructions are also included for adding compatibility with custom NPCs.

Custom NPCs

This is a short list of NPCs who are LGBTQ+, people of colour, or who have physical or mental disabilities.

Custom NPC - Riley

Author: EssGee

Custom NPC - Riley adds a new marriageable NPC, Riley, who is genderfluid and switches between masculine and feminine presentation. They are friendly and cheerful, enjoy LARPing, music, and computer games, and are friends with Sam, Sebastian, and Abigail.

Requires: PyTK, TMXL, Pregnancy Role, and Custom NPC Fixes

Professor Jasper Thomas

Author: Lemurkat

Professor Jasper Thomas adds a new marriageable NPC, Jasper, who is a geologist and scholar studying the lost dwarven race. He lives in an apartment above the museum and has an extensive storyline. One of his optional portrait files makes him transmasculine; a minor NPC in the same mod, Jasper's ex Cameron, is the same gender as the player, implying that Jasper may be bi or pansexual; and part of his storyline involves coming to terms with a physical disability.

Requires: TMXL, Custom NPC Fixes, and DaisyNiko's Tilesheets

Juliet and Jessie the Joja Clerks

Author: Lemurkat

Juliet and Jessie adds two new NPCs who work as shop clerks at JojaMart: Juliet, an irrepressible and sharp-tongued young woman, and her housemate Jessie, an empathetic older woman with a green thumb. Jessie is implied to be aromantic-asexual (confirmed by the mod author, with future events planned to expand on this in-game) and Juliet is female-leaning bisexual and becomes marriageable only after a certain point in her story.

Requires: Anti-Social NPCs, Custom NPC Fixes, DaisyNiko's Tilesheets, Json Assets, and TMXL

Custom NPC Lyell

Author: fellowclown

Custom NPC Lyell adds a new marriageable NPC, Lyell Halkias, who is an older Black man from the Gotoro Empire with many secrets. He is quiet and prefers to keep to himself, tending to his chickens on his small farm. Part of his story involves a previous relationship with another man.

Requires: Custom Music, Custom NPC Fixes, Custom NPC Exclusions, PyTK, and TMXL

Isla - Custom NPC

Author: PaperNautilus

Isla - Custom NPC adds a new marriageable NPC, Isla, who is a water spirit living off the shore of Pelican Town's beach. She is a lover of music and poetry, and performs with the mermaid troupe at the Night Market. An optional file changes her appearance to be non-white (race unspecified) with light tan skin and narrow dark eyes.

Requires: Custom NPC Fixes, Mail Framework Mod, PyTK, Spacecore, and TMXL

Custom NPC - Denver

Author: whitebalverines

Custom NPC - Denver adds a new marriageable NPC, Denver, who is easygoing and laidback but trying to deal with a secret complicated by the fact that Marlon of the Adventurer's Guild is their uncle. Denver has masculine or feminine portraits available and can be configured to use he/him or she/her pronouns, as well as having an optional romance storyline with another NPC by the same author, Cecilia. Optional portraits make them Mongolian to match DSV's Mongolian Marlon variant.

Requires: Json Assets, Mail Framework Mod, PyTK, and TMXL

College Boy Mike - Custom NPC

Author: Brimini

College Boy Mike adds a new marriageable NPC, Mike, who is an engineering student at Zuzu University living with his uncle, Gus. On the surface, he appears to be doing well, but a good friend will be able to help him when things start falling apart. Optional portraits make him Turkish to match DSV's Turkish Gus variant.

Requires: PyTK and TMXL

New NPC Mona

Author: Zilsara

New NPC Mona adds a new marriageable NPC, Mona, who is a refugee from the Gotoro Empire staying with Emily and Haley while she is trying to work things out. She loves reading and works alongside Gunther, helping him with the library.

Jade NPC

Author: malic

Jade NPC adds a new marriageable NPC, Jade, an entomologist and lover of all things magical. If Juliet & Jessie the Joja Clerks is also installed, she will live with them and she also has interactions with many other mods. In her default portraits she is Han Chinese, while an alternate portrait set by Airyn makes her Han Hwech'in.

Leilani (NPC for Ridgeside Village)

Author: Zoedoll

Leilani (NPC for Ridgeside Village) edits Ridgeside Village so that Leilani, Keahi's mother and Pika's wife, is not dead and is instead a non-friendable NPC. She works abroad as a researcher for most of the year, but visits Pelican Town and Ridgeside Village during summer to spend time with her family.

Beatrice NPC

Author: attonbomb

Beatrice NPC adds a new NPC, Beatrice, an older Black woman who works as the keeper of East Scarpe's lighthouse. She always has a word of helpful advice or an ear for those who need someone to listen.

Requires: Escape to East Scarpe

The Stray Catfe

Author: alistairweekend

The Stray Catfe adds two new marriageable NPCs, twins Theo and Tabitha, who run a small cafe south of the Pelican Town bus stop. Although they're quite different in personality - Tabitha is upbeat and bubbly, while Theo is pragmatic and somewhat reserved - the two care for each other and work as business partners. Theo uses a wheelchair and optional portraits make the pair mixed-race East Asian.

Requires: Custom NPC Fixes, Shop Tile Framework, PyTK, and TMXL

Shouko Nishimiya NPC

Author: Arcane

Shouko Nishimiya NPC adds a new NPC, Shouko, a young Deaf woman who is staying with Pierre, Caroline, and Abigail as her host family. The player interacts with her via their initially rusty sign language skills, slowly improving their ability to communicate with her as they become friends. Based on the character by the same name from Koe no Katachi.

Toshinori Yagi - All Might - NPC - Hero Academia

Author: AeolianMode

Toshinori Yagi - All Might adds a new marriageable NPC, Toshinori, who is a gentle older man with a severe chronic illness. Although based on the character of the same name from My Hero Academia, no knowledge of the manga/anime is needed and parts of his story and character have been altered to suit the Stardew Valley universe. Please note the trigger warnings on the mod's page, as some aspects of his story may be distressing.

Requires: Anti-Social NPCs, Custom NPC Fixes, Mail Framework Mod, PyTK, and TMXL

Custom NPC John

Author: fellowclown

Custom NPC John adds a new marriageable NPC, John, who is a older man moving from Zuzu City in the hopes of improving his physical and mental health. Shy and reserved, John takes time to warm up to strangers, but his unknown illness has taken a toll on him.

Requires: Custom NPC Exclusions and TMXL

Custom NPC Nikolai

Author: fellowclown

Custom NPC Nikolai adds a new marriageable NPC, Nikolai, who is a goofy, extroverted man from the Fern Islands. Although he gets on well with many of the townspeople, particularly Sam and Abigail, and even helps to set up a new festival, he struggles with his mental illness.

Requires: Custom Music, Custom NPC Exclusions, Json Assets, Mail Framework Mod, Shop Tile Framework, and TMXL

Ridgeside Village

Authors: Rafseazz and Obamoose

Ridgeside Village adds a new village located to the west of Pelican Town, accessible via cable car and with new forage, fish, festivals, and more. The village is home to 24 new NPCs, many of whom are people of colour from a wide variety of backgrounds, and the new villagers integrate with the vanilla game by visiting Pelican Town and attending its festivals.

Requires: Anti-Social NPCs, Custom Music, Custom NPC Exclusions, Custom NPC Fixes, Json Assets, Event Repeater, Farm Type Manager, Shop Tile Framework, and TMXL


George Dialogue Edits (No More Homophobia and Ableism)

Author: infinity0001

George Dialogue Edits changes George's dialogue to remove his homophobia regarding Alex's relationship with a male player-character and edits his dialogue regarding his wheelchair to add more nuance, while still keeping his general character intact. Each part can be selected separately.

No More Dialogue Differences

Author: Isilily

No More Dialogue Differences changes dialogue for many NPCs to remove unnecessary differences for a male or female player-character, removes heteronormative comments implying that a non-heterosexual relationship is unusual, and removes dialogue about a female player being pregnant or giving birth. Some of these edits have been included as part of Gender Neutrality.

Harvey Apologizes

Author: Lumisteria

Harvey Apologizes adds a followup letter and event if during Harvey's 2 heart event, you agree with George that he knows what's best for his body. It does not remove the loss of friendship points with Harvey, but involves Harvey reflecting on the event and his decisions as a doctor.

Demetrius's Tomato Dilemma

Author: Fuzzlepuzzle

Demetrius's Tomato Dilemma edits Demetrius and Robin's tomato heart event to make it more autism-friendly and to add a more satisfying conclusion.

De-Creepyd Demetrius

Author: LavenderLight

De-Creepyd Demetrius edits Maru's 2 heart event so that Demetrius tells an loving but embarrassing childhood story about Maru instead of threatening the player, as well as lessening the heart point loss if the player chooses to tell Maru about the discussion.

Tolerable Pierre

Author: LavenderLight

Tolerable Pierre edits Pierre's dialogue and events to remove his sexism towards his daughter and to remove some of his business-centric attitude.

SFG's No More War - Kent as Journalist

Author: ShotFromGuns

No More War edits dialogue and events so that the Ferngill Republic is not involved in the Gotoro Empire's war and Kent, instead of being a soldier, is instead a war journalist reporting on events.

SFG's Farmer Age Dialogue Tweaks (Content Patcher)

Author: ShotFromGuns

Farmer Age Dialogue Tweaks edits dialogue and events so that the player-character is not treated like a young adult. Various age ranges are available, as is compatibility with Gender Neutrality.

Nicer Extra Dialogue

Author: Vadie

Nicer Extra Dialogue edits various miscellaneous dialogue lines, including softening NPCs' responses to the player searching through trash cans and changing NPCs' dialogue about items sold to Pierre.

Dammit Clint Stop Hitting on My Wife

Author: Rubecula

Dammit Clint edits Clint's dialogue and events about Emily to be more about his shyness in general rather than specifically with women and removes references to his crush on Emily. Married and non-married versions are available.

Wrong Idea Clint

Author: blauwvis

Wrong Idea Clint edits Clint's 3 and 6 heart events so that the player can address Clint's assumption that the player and Emily are involved, either encouraging or discouraging his crush.

Redone Dialogue

Author: prettypinktardis

Redone Dialogue edits dialogue for many characters to add new lines referencing characters as being transgender, bisexual, autistic, hard-of-hearing, or with OCD. The original mod uses xnb files, but a Content Patcher port by LavenderLight is available here.

Non-Western Crops and Food

Ssaturn's Tropical Farm

Author: SailorSaturn

Ssaturn's Tropical Farm adds 20 new seeds and saplings, 6 new recipes, and 8 new cooking ingredients featuring plants and foods from tropical countries, particularly South-East Asia.

Requires: Json Assets, Mail Framework Mod, Producer Framework Mod

Ssaturn's Oriental Kitchen

Author: SailorSaturn

Ssaturn's Oriental Kitchen adds 48 new recipes and 9 new cooking ingredients from East and South-East Asia.

Requires: Json Assets, Mail Framework Mod, Producer Framework Mod, Ssaturn's Tropical Farm

Bonster's Crops

Author: Bonster

Bonster's Crops adds 27 new crops and 17 new trees from around the world, particularly South and South-East Asia and Central and South America.

Requires: Json Assets

Bonster's Recipes

Author: Bonster

Bonster's Recipes adds 85 new recipes from around the world, particularly South and South-East Asia and Central and South America.

Requires: Json Assets, Bonster's Crops

Bonster's Rare Crops and Oddi-Trees

Author: Bonster

Bonster's Rare Crops and Oddi-Trees adds 29 new crops and 51 new trees from around the world, particularly Australia and the Americas.

Requires: Json Assets

Kaya Jam and South Asia Dessert

Author: KAYA

Kaya Jam and South Asia Dessert adds 4 new recipes from South and South-East Asia.

Requires: Json Assets

Regional Cuisine Korean Preserves

Author: KAYA

Regional Cuisine Korean Preserves adds 10 new artisan machines and 27 new artisan goods from traditional Korean cuisine.

Requires: Json Assets, PPJA Fruits and Veggies, PPJA More Trees, PPJA Artisan Valley, Producer Framework Mod

Korea Blossom

Author: KAYA

Korea Blossom adds 27 new crops & trees with flowers from East and North-East Asia, particularly Korea. It also includes 2 new recipes and giant crops.

Requires: Json Assets

Non-Western Farm Animals

Indian Animal Pack

Author: whitebalverines

Indian Animal Pack changes the default farm animals to look like species commonly found in South Asia, including Indian runner ducks, Jamnapari goats, and black and brown dangi cattle. A BFAV version is also available.

Asian Animal Pack

Author: whitebalverines

Asian Animal Pack changes the default farm animals to look like species commonly found in East Asia and South Asia, including Japanese quails, mandarin ducks, and belted zebu. A BFAV version is also available.



Author: evfredericksen

StardewSpeak enables voice recognition commands, allowing for hands-free play. Still a work-in-progress as of June 2021, but most actions and menu navigation are included in a playable state. Can be used offline.

Trypophobia - Make Stardew Valley Less Hole-y

Author: Horcrux1994

Trypophobia - Make Stardew Valley Less Hole-y retextures several sprites to remove holes that could trigger a trypophobia response.

Misophonia Accessibility (Remove Eat or Drink or Keg Sounds)

Author: TheFluffyRobot

Misophonia Accessibility disables the sound made while eating something, and optionally the sounds made when drinking or when accessing a keg.

Sounds Patcher

Author: MindMeltMax

Sounds Patcher allows the player to disable any currently playing music track or sound.

Pelican TTS

Author: Platonymous

Pelican TTS adds a text-to-speech function for dialogue, HUD messages, letters, and books. The mod supports all languages and voices for each character can be configured.

Requires: An active internet connection


Author: Max Vollmer

Leftymode switches the left and right mouse button commands for left-handed players.

Mouse Move Mode

Author: ylsama

Mouse Move Mode makes the player-character move in the direction of the mouse pointer when right-clicking or holding the right mouse button, allowing players to minimise keyboard use.

Ease of Play

UI Info Suite

Author: Cdaragorn

UI Info Suite provides helpful information about a range of things in the game, particularly NPCs' birthdays, animals with produce or that haven't been patted, days until harvest, and items needed for Community Centre bundles.

Lookup Anything

Author: Pathoschild

Lookup Anything provides detailed information about whatever is under the mouse cursor when the hotkey is pressed, such as days until harvest, NPC likes and dislikes, what bundles and achievements require a particular item, and how long until a machine is finished producing.

NPC Map Locations

Author: Bouhm, maintained by Pathoschild

NPC Map Locations displays NPCs' current location on the map, making it easier to find them, and adds an optional minimap.


Author: Jamie Taylor

To-Dew adds a to-do list that can be edited in-game and optionally is visible outside of menus. Items can be configured to display only on certain days, seasons, or in certain weather.

Stardew Notifications

Author: monopandora, maintained by Sakorona

Stardew Notifications provides pop-up notifications for production, harvesting, and events in the game.

Time Reminder

Author: Sakorona

Time Reminder adds a configurable pop-up notification that alerts the player of the current system time.

Time of the Prairie King

Author: TheFluffyRobot

Time of the Prairie King displays the in-game clock while playing Journey of the Prairie King in multiplayer.

Running Late

Author: Coll1234567

Running Late changes the in-game clock to update every minute instead of every 10 mins, making it easier to track time.

Multiplayer Time

Author: lolmaj

Multiplayer Time makes time stop in a multiplayer game if all players are in menus, cutscenes, or playing a minigame.


Author: cantorsdust, maintained by Pathoschild

TimeSpeed allows the player to configure the speed at which time passes in the game, including configuring separate values by location.

Numerical Health

Author: Hydrox6

Numerical Health adds a moveable and resizeable display showing the player's current health and stamina values as numerical figures.

Custom Tracker

Author: Esca-MMC

Custom Tracker replaces the default forage tracker icon with a larger customisable arrow, for ease of seeing.

Zoom Level

Author: thespbgamer

Zoom Level adds new hotkeys to adjust the game's zoom level and UI level past the game limit to a configurable setting.

Simple Cursor

Author: h4man

Simple Cursor redesigns the mouse pointer to a simpler shape with different colour options available.

SFG's Crab Monster Recolors (Content Patcher)

Author: ShotFromGuns

SFG's Crab Monster Recolors edits the sprites for the crab monsters so that they are easier to spot. Various levels of difference are available.

Combat Controls - Fixed Mouse Click

Author: DJ-STLN

Combat Controls changes the game controls so that the player turns in the direction of the mouse click when attacking, and optionally continues attacking if the mouse button is held down.

No Fence Decay

Author: CatCattyCat

No Fence Decay edits fences so that they will never be destroyed over time.

No Soil Decay on Farm

Author: A_Dude

No Soil Decay on Farm edits soil on the farm so that it always stays tilled instead of reverting to an untilled state.

Fishing Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)

Author: Ericlegacy

Fishing Made Easy Suite adds an array of options to make fishing easier, including reducing fishing difficulty and removing time, season, or weather restrictions for fish.

Combat Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)

Author: Ericlegacy

Combat Made Easy Suite adds an array of options to make combat easier, including decreasing the health of monsters, decreasing damage taken, increasing experience gained, and increasing loot drops.

Farming Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)

Author: Ericlegacy

Farming Made Easy Suite adds an array of options to make farming easier, including making crops grow faster or regrow, removing season restrictions, and making animals produce faster.


Note: Some of these translations may not be completely compatible with Stardew Valley 1.5.

Gàidhlig / Scottish Gaelic - Scottish Gaelic Language Pack

Author: Trynda_E_Adair

Polskie / Polish - (Spolszczenie) Polskie tlumaczenie Stardew Valley By DNKSH Team

Author: DNKSH Team

Suomi / Finnish - StardewFinnish

Author: Quirinea

українську / Ukrainian - Ukrainizacija(Ukrainian Localization for SV)

Author: ChulkyBow

Íslenska / Icelandic - Icelandic Translation

Author: Petrea

Lenga d'òc / Occitan - Vau Serena

Author: TristanGahus

正體中文 / Traditional Chinese - Traditional Chinese Translation

Author: DrWoose-Voico-Seacucu

ภาษาไทย / Thai - Stardew Valley - THAI

Author: Translator Army x ELL

Bahasa Indonesia / Indonesian - (CP) Indonesian Language Mod

Author: dragonregure and NinjaQuince

Việt / Vietnamese - Stardew Valley - Vietnamese Translation

Author: Luxanna and Kou

Chinuk Wawa / Chinook Jargon - Chinook Jargon Translation

Author: Sequoia