Questions - microsoft/times-excel-reader Wiki

Ambiguities in the input documentation:

  • Rows and columns starting with the character " * " are supposed to be ignored, but it is unclear what "starting with" means. Is it always the first column? Or the first non-empty column? In the EMIS worksheet of VT_IE_RSD.xlsx, a comment row has a * in the second column and an empty first column.
  • When PSet_PN (page 16) has multiple comma-separated elements containing exclusions, does the order matter? The documentation gives the example *GAS*,-ELCGAS. What if this was written -ELCGAS,*GAS*? Would it be equivalent? If PSet_PN was ELC*,*GAS*,-ELCGAS does the exclusion -ELCGAS apply to both ELC* and *GAS*? What if it was written *GAS*,-ELCGAS,ELC*?
  • If the value in a TFM_UPD table (page 15) is "-5" does this mean replace with -5 or subtract 5?
  • What happens if two TFM_UPD rows apply changes to the same data? Do the changes combine? Does the later row have priority?
  • What happens if a TFM_UPD row matches data specified in TFM_INS?
  • Does CSet_CN apply to input or output commodities?
  • How are uppercase/lowercase handled in attribute names? We currently allow any casing on input, but convert to upper case on output. This follows the examples. The casing of other values such as technology and commodity names is always preserved.