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This list is based on games supporting OpenXR natively (not through OpenComposite) and on games currently listed in the OpenComposite compatibility list.

More games might be compatible, this is just a list of things confirmed to work!

Game PimaxXR? OpenXR Toolkit? Need OpenComposite? Need parallel projection?
Bonelab Yes Yes No No
Digital Combat Simulator Yes Yes No [1] No
Flight Simulator 2020 Yes Yes No No
Hubris Yes Yes No Yes
iRacing Yes Yes No No
War Thunder Yes Yes No No
Assetto Corsa Yes Yes Yes No
Assetto Corsa Competizione Yes Yes Yes No
Automobilista 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dirt Rally 2.0 Yes No Yes Yes
Elite Dangerous Yes Yes Yes Yes
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Yes Yes Yes No
IL-2 Sturmovik Yes Yes Yes No
Into the Radius Yes No Yes No
Pavlov VR Yes Yes Yes No
Project Cars 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
rFactor 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Subnautica Yes Yes Yes No
X-Plane 11 Yes No Yes Yes
X-Plane 12 Yes No Yes Yes
PLAY'A VR Video Player Yes Yes No No

[1] DCS OpenBeta has support for OpenXR without OpenComposite, while DCS stable version requires OpenComposite.

Do you have a game working but it's not in the list? Please file an Issue to let us know!


Compatibility may vary from an app to another - see the list above first. This list assumes that the engine is used directly with OpenXR, and not through OpenComposite.

Engine PimaxXR? OpenXR Toolkit?
Unity 2021 Yes Yes
Unreal 4 Yes Yes
StereoKit Yes Yes
Godot 4 Yes No