FAQ - matyalatte/Blender-Uasset-Addon Wiki

Load Textures option won't work.

Mesh assets have no texture data. So, they need material and texture asset files to import textures. You can see which assets the addon failed to load in the system console. systemconsole

If it succeeded in loading material files, you can also see the texture paths as custom properties of materials. customproperties

Imported a mesh asset, but can't see any meshes.

Maybe the mesh is too big to display. Open View panel and change Clip End. clipend

Got Can not add material slots. error.

You can't inject more materials than ones the original asset has.

Injected a mesh, but it seems to fail to inject textures.

Because the inject function won't mod texture data. You need to use other tools (like my texture tool) to mod texutre files.

Injected a mesh, but it seems to fail to assign materials.

I wrote down how it assign materials. Material Assignment Algorithm · matyalatte/Blender-Uasset-Addon Wiki You can change material names and slot names to reorder the materials.