Exploratory Data Analysis EDA - mathcoll/t6 Wiki

t6 comes with and handfull set of EDA apis. Today the implementation is still in progress but give the opportunity to begin Exploring timeseries datapoints from a specific flow.

Non graphical output


Head and Tail

Those 2 common method of Data Exploration are self-explanatory. They just returns the top n bottom or top Datapoints from database.

List Distinct Facts :collision: not detailed

List Distinct Categories :collision: not detailed

Graphical output

Frequency shape distribution

This graph is not yet accurate, but it aims to illustrate the intent. :-) any support would be appreciated. :-) exploration-frequency



Plot line




TimeSeries decomposition

(:collision: to come later) Supporting t6, or even better helping implement features is very welcome. Please refers to CONTRIBUTING.md in case you would like to help :-)