Frontend Routes - masontaylor7/Large Wiki


Login Page

This page displays a login form


Sign Up Page

This page displays a sign up page


Home Page

This page displays the most recent gamer-logs as well as a navigation bar with logout buttons. Each gamer-log has an update and delete button if it belongs to the currently logged in user. If user isn't logged in they will be redirected to the login page. (If user does not have an account there will be a sign-up button on the login page).


User Page

This is your profile page, which displays your most recent gamer-logs as well as the people you are following. There is a button to create posts on this page.


Posts Page

This page displays a form to create a new post, which when submitted will redirect you back to /users/:id. This page will also allow the user to update/delete existing posts.


Specific Post

This page is where you will be able to comment/like another post. If it is your post you will be also be able to update/deleted the post.