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  1. View > Snap to Pixel ❌ : Turn off this feature.
  2. Window > Control ✅ : Toggle this to show/hide the top control bar.
  3. Window > Type : Character and Paragraph tabs for typography.


Replicate a shape multiple times accross a circle path

  1. Your shape is already drwaen in Illustrator,
  2. Calculate your degree value by deviding 360 (degree) by the quantity of shapes you want at the end,
  3. Go back to Illustrator,
  4. Switch to outline view [Ctrl]+[Y] keys,
  5. Draw a circle that will be your path,
  6. Position the circle relative to your shape (since this affect the angle of the end shapes),
  7. Select just the original shape,
  8. Switch to rotate tool [R] key,
  9. Click [Alt] key then select the rotating center indicator from your original shape and move it to the center of your circular path,
  10. In the Rotate window enter your degree value in the angle field then click the "Copy" button,
  11. Click on [Ctrl]+[D] keys to individually create each shape, one at a time,
  12. Delete the circular path.


(1) General

State En Fr State En Fr
Disable Auto Add/Delete Double click To isolate
Use Precise Cursors Use Japanese crop marks
Show Tool Tips Transform pattern tiles
Show/Hide Rulers Across All Documents Scale corners
Anti-aliased Artwork Scale strokes & effects
Select Same Tint % Enable content aware defaults
Show The Home Screen When No Documents Are Open Honor Scale on PDF Import
Use legacy « File New » interface Zoom with Mouse Wheel-or-Force Enable Pinch-to-Zoom on Touchpad
Use Preview Bounds
Display Print Size at 100% Zoom
Append [Converted] Upon Opening Legacy Files
Show system compatibility issues at startup

(2) Selection & Anchor Display


State En Fr
Object selection by Path only
Snap to point 1 px
Control click to select Objects behind
Constrain path dragging on segment reshape
Show anchor points in selection tool and shape tools
Zoom to selection
Move locked and hidden Artwork with Artboard

Anchor points, Handle and Bounding box display

State En Fr
Highligh anchors on mouse over
Show handles when multiple anchors are selected
Hide corner widget for angles greater than: 177°

(5) Guides & Grid


(6) Smart Guides

Display options

State En Fr State En Fr
Alignment guides Anchor/Path labels
Object highlighting Measurement labels
Transform tools Spacing guides

Snapping Tolerance: 4 pt

(11) Performance


(12) File Handling & Clipboard